Global Market Outlook On Supplier Identification – Ethics & Compliance

In the ethics and compliance services, more than 50 percent of the suppliers provide pre-transaction, third party, corporate and forensic due-diligence services and in the internal investigation services more than 80 percent of the vendors provide almost all the services except vendor fraud investigation and internal control and monitoring

Ethics & Compliance and Internal Investigation Services Pricing Models

Hourly Rates

This is a traditional way to charge fee for services. This type of pricing  is mainly used for smaller projects where the number of hours required to complete the project can be estimated with ease.

Personnel/Full Time Equivalent(FTE)

The number of personnel and the skill set required determines the pricing. The amount of support staff required for the process is also taken into consideration.

  • FTE calculation or estimate decided after knowing the scope of the project
  • Usually investigation services are charged with hourly rates and Due-Diligence per FTE
  • Hourly pricing is good option if, working regularly with the same client on similar work, project’s deliverables are unclear, scope of the project changed several times when meeting with the clients, doing complex technical work
  • Per FTE based is a good option if, project is simple to understand and implement, lesser legal and negotiation hassles, access to ready infrastructure and support services

Case file management compute system and Audit case reporting system / Platform market overview

In Case file management compute system, more than 80 percent of the suppliers provide case management, compliance management and reporting & metrics and in audit case reporting system, more than 60 percent of suppliers provide audit planning, auditable documentation and audit report and metrics. All the suppliers provide the solution on cloud and only 40 percent provide an option for on-premise deployment model.  

  • Case file management system and Audit case reporting system are very vast solution which comprises of different  sub-sections
  • We have compared the solution capability of the  suppliers identified by us with the incumbent supplier of client
  • Different sub-sections of the  Case file management system and Audit case reporting system / Platform are mentioned in the graphs

Key Service Level Agreements (SLA) Component followed to measure Suppliers

Client Management

  • In-person meetings with clients should occur as frequently as monthly, quarterly, or annually as per client’s requirement
  • Dedicated relationship managers should routinely conduct account review meetings to discuss client relationship, a summary of report orders handled for the client during a specified period of time, a data collection overview (including breakdowns of jurisdictions, subjects, red flags, and other data covered for the client), quality overviews, organizational or industry-related updates, a review of products available for client use, and Q&As or client feedback discussion

Case Intake and Scope Determination

  • Every matter should be assigned to a dedicated Client Manager (CM), who should be a compliance risk & investigations expert
  • This engagement manager will be the primary point of contact for the client, and will be reachable for any assistance needed throughout the duration of any assignment
  • The CM will have oversight over the specific resources assigned for the length of each engagement and will ensure all deliverables are met in a timely manner and should also be able to address any questions, issues, feedback or concerns
  • CM will have oversight over the work performed to ensure it meets our quality standards as well as client expectations
  • or determining the scope of incoming assignments, a detailed scoping call should be scheduled for each assignment that will include members from the service providers, the client, and the client’s third party counsel, if an outside counsel is utilized