Meet Our Team

The Board

Dr. Mitch Javidi

Co-Founder & Director Emeritus

Robert Handfield, PhD

Co-Founder & Director Emeritus

Vel Dhinagaravel

CEO and President


Hemant Nadkarni

Chief Business Officer

Dushyant Joshi

Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Mario Kalogiannis

Vice President - Business Development (APAC)

Alekh Chatterji

Associate Vice President, Procurement Advisory

Arthur Raguette

Vice President, Business Development

Norman Timmins Gomez

VP Business Development LATAM & NA CDMX / Dallas

Product - Content, Technology and Customer Experience

Valekumar Krishnan

Chief Content Officer

Supriyo Mukhopadhyay

Chief Technology Officer

Prerna Dhawan

Chief Product Officer

Santosh Kumar Peshkar

Vice President, Customer Success

Garren DiPasquale

Director of Product Strategy & Design

Isabel Woodall

Director – Product and Program Management

Research and Analysis

Arun David Ambrose

Vice President, Content Development and Research Services

Praveen Dahiya

Vice President, Content Development and Research Services

Marketing and HR

Carina Hoogeveen

Chief Marketing Officer

Saurabh Nigam

Strategic HR Advisor

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