Procurement as a Business Driver

Over the years, procurement has evolved from focusing only on achieving cost
targets to becoming a key driver of continuous business growth.

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New Imperatives

Cost savings is an important goal of global procurement organizations. Lately, new imperatives have
emerged out of complex business landscape besides cost savings. Procurement organizations will have
to view their role through the prism of Cost, Speed, Flexibility, Innovation and Risk.

Enabling Procurement Advantage

Beroe helps create the business advantage for many Fortune 500 procurement stakeholders. By providing
customized market intelligence to sourcing managers, we reduce the time spent on information gathering and
analysis. By using market intelligence provided by Beroe, procurement organization can devote attention to category
management. Thereby, shifting the emphasis from cutting costs to adding value.

Become a Beroeite

Become a Beroeite

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Some serious work goes on at these offices, but Beroe offers a relaxed, friendly environment nevertheless. The emphasis is on building lasting relationships that foster knowledge sharing and teamwork.

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Our work culture

Beroe supports employee growth opportunities in a big way.
Training and development courses are held regularly, which enhances
our employees’ skill sets and promotes specialism.

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