COVID-19: Assess Supply Chain Impact and Determine Risk Mitigation Plan with Beroe’s WIRE
(World Instant Risk Exposure)

Supply Chain Constraint Identification | Supplier Renegotiation Opportunities |
Alternate Suppliers | Multi-Tier Supply Analysis

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Beroe primarily offers two types of solutions that are leveraged by 10,000+ companies

Market Intelligence

In-depth and unparalleled analysis of supply market conditions, industry trends, suppliers and more on 550+ categories

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Beroe’s Market Intelligence Offerings

Category Intelligence

Ready-to-use intelligence across 550+ categories

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Supplier Financial Risk Rating

Assess your suppliers’ financial risk across key parameters

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Commodity Dashboard

A holistic view of market conditions across 100+ commodities

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Advanced Benchmarking

A compass of Procurement's Competitive Performance

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Know Your Suppliers (KYS)

Supplier Risk and Compliance

How does KYS help


  • Assess suppliers on key compliance & risk parameters - Sanctions, Money Laundering, Financial Stress and a lot more
  • Comprehensive supplier master cleansing and a unified platform for supplier risk for the procurement organization

How does KYS help


  • Simplifies the risk and compliance assessment process for suppliers, with a one stop shop to get assessed by multiple compliance partners
  • Suppliers also get an opportunity to be discovered and showcase their assessment to an audience of 12,000+ companies

The KYS Program Also Includes Desktop-based Risk and Compliance Assessments and Deep Dive Full Audits on Key Compliance Parameters

Financial Risk
Financial Risk Ratings

Assess the financial health and well-being of your suppliers through Financial Risk Analysis

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Sanctions & Ethics
Sanctions & Ethics

Get your suppliers validated on how they operate their business within the construct of applicable laws, rules and regulation in their region

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Labour Standards
Labour Standards

Demonstrate your commitment towards applicable labour standards

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Get information on the sustainability and CSR practices of your suppliers

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Cyber Risk
Cyber Risk

Embed threat intelligence and cyber risk rating expertise to proactively identify vulnerabilities in your internal and third party systems to mitigate cyber risks

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