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Discover Market Information

Get market data across 1,200 + procurement categories covering 23 spend pools (more than 95% of NAICS spend codes covered globally). Use information on categories, suppliers, and prices for category strategy creation and quarterly business reviews (QBRs).

Manage Supply Risk

Determine the impact of event-led disruptions (from COVID-19 to hurricanes) on your supply chain along with multi-tier supplier mapping and associated risks. Check your supplier's compliance credentials (financial, ethical, cyber, and environmental).Ratings available for over 300 million+ suppliers

Measure Category Performance

Benchmark and measure your company′s category performance against your peers or the wider industry. Beroe LiVE.Ai® provides category-based benchmarks on 15 critical parameters across cost, risk, and strategy KPIs.

Track Commodity Costs & Prices

Monitor and forecast real-time price changes from 7,000+ commodity price data points and billing rates across 700 categories. Build cost models to understand the correlation between the costs, margins, and prices that impact your category.

Discover Suppliers

Generate best-fit supplier lists from among 222 Million+ entities. Create shortlists based on criteria including location, industry, category, revenue, certifications, and more.

Get Category Alerts

Get ahead of issues concerning procurement and the broader business through proactive category, supplier, and supply chain alerts. These automated alerts are contextualized to your specific needs.

Monitor Supplier Carbon Footprint

Monitor the carbon footprint of your suppliers across 18,000 processes covering 3,500 distinct products.

Improve Your Supply Chain Visibility

Predictive supply chain risk monitoring covering 100+ risk events across 14 risk categories to help you improve decision process in complex supply chains.

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What our customers are saying about Beroe LiVE.Ai™

PDF reports are nice to read, but an AI-powered platform like Beroe LiVE.Ai™ provides contextual data and information on the fly. In addition, the Ai-powered bot, Abi, understands my sourcing requirements and helps me retrieve relevant information. The market info helps me during QBRs with my stakeholders as I am in a position to better present my case.

Category Manager based in Europe

Identifying and selecting the right supplier who can fulfil the organizational requirements is a time-consuming process. I was looking for suppliers related to blister packaging, and I could create a long list in no time because Beroe LiVE.Ai™ already had region-wise supplier details along with critical data on capabilities, revenue, and certification.

Sourcing manager based in Australia

Our team was asked to pull the compliance credentials of over 3,000 suppliers at the eleventh hour due to an audit process. We turned to Beroe LiVE.Ai™, uploaded the supplier list, and, at the click of a button, we pulled all the relevant compliance data: financial, ethical, and environmental certifications. This helped to avoid last-minute heartaches. Needless to say, our quick move won praise from our business stakeholders

Procurement director based in North America