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Procurement Market Intelligence: All You Want to Know

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by Beroe Inc
1 March 2021

Procurement market intelligence is the bedrock of the procurement process decisions. Market intelligence about the product/material sourced, its price, the available suppliers, and the other market information is vital to enable negotiation of the best deals. Since these parameters are subject to change, being continually updated is very important.

The procurement department must first have thorough and up to date knowledge about the material to be sourced. The leading suppliers in the market for that particular material should also be identified. The company's advantage is if the material is sourced at the most advantageous prices and delivery times from a reliable supplier. An unwise selection of a supplier can adversely impact the company's manufacturing process and their bottom line.

To get the most favorable price advantage, the procurement team must be aware of the market trends in pricing. It is only when the cost, labor, transportation, and other cost components are factored in that the procurement team can better negotiate a favorable and realistic price.

Why Is Procurement Market Intelligence Important?

The sourcing of materials on time and at the best rates, all the while always minimizing costs, is the procurement responsibility. Since the time and costs involved at this stage will impact the rest of the company's manufacturing processes directly, decisions made at this stage are critical. As the procurement decisions are based on the procurement market intelligence report, this report is vital. So a company's attention to procurement market intelligence is significant to the company's overall health.

Components Of Procurement Market Intelligence


To create a market intelligence report, one must first identify the specifics of the required data. This data should then be stored, analyzed, and presented in a useful format. Research is the first component of procurement market intelligence. Some procurement departments outsource this to procurement market intelligence companies

Analysis Of The Competition

Competition between the suppliers in the market is always a good thing for the buyer. It drives prices down and also improves quality. A procurement market intelligence report should be continually updated with the market's competitive trends, dynamics, and disruptors. The knowledge of the competitiveness in the market enables the negotiation of the best deals.


Data is only as useful as the analysis and conclusions that one can draw from them. Procurement market intelligence tools designed to analyze the data produce reports and graphs after analysis. Analytics supports intelligent and informed decision making.

Cost Savings

Market intelligence plays a pivotal role in helping businesses identify and capitalize on cost-saving opportunities. Here's an enhanced explanation of how market intelligence contributes to cost efficiencies:

Negotiating Favorable Prices

Armed with comprehensive market intelligence, businesses can negotiate better prices with suppliers. By staying informed about market dynamics, pricing trends, and industry benchmarks, businesses gain the leverage to engage in meaningful negotiations. They can use this knowledge to drive down costs, secure more competitive pricing agreements, and achieve significant savings on their procurement expenses.

Identifying Alternative Suppliers

Market intelligence enables businesses to explore a wide range of suppliers and evaluate alternative options. By expanding their supplier network, businesses can access more competitive pricing, better quality products, and improved service levels. This competition among suppliers provides businesses with leverage to negotiate better terms, optimize pricing structures, and ultimately reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Optimizing Procurement Strategies

Market intelligence empowers businesses to fine-tune their procurement strategies for maximum cost efficiency. By analyzing market trends, industry benchmarks, and best practices, businesses can identify opportunities to streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, and reduce wasteful expenditures. This optimization leads to improved operational efficiency, better resource allocation, and ultimately, cost savings across the procurement function.

Improved Supplier Management

With market intelligence, businesses can evaluate supplier performance and make informed decisions about supplier relationships. By monitoring supplier metrics such as delivery times, product quality, and reliability, businesses can identify underperforming suppliers or areas for improvement. This knowledge enables businesses to engage in constructive discussions with suppliers, negotiate better terms, and even consider switching to more cost-effective and reliable suppliers.

Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management

Market intelligence helps businesses accurately predict demand patterns, anticipate market fluctuations, and align their procurement activities accordingly. By leveraging this insight, businesses can optimize inventory levels, reduce excess inventory holding costs, and minimize stockouts or supply disruptions. Effective demand forecasting and inventory management contribute to significant cost savings and operational efficiency.

In summary, market intelligence equips businesses with the information and insights necessary to drive cost-saving initiatives in procurement. By negotiating favorable prices, exploring alternative suppliers, optimizing strategies, and improving supplier management, businesses can achieve significant cost efficiencies and enhance their overall profitability. Market intelligence is a valuable tool that empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Uses Of Procurement Market Intelligence Tools

Implementing software tools for the management of procurement helps manage, sift through and understand the enormous volumes of data that the effort involves.

Supplier Selection

The right market intelligence offers the buyer the information about all the suppliers for that material and a comparative study. Data about the stability and track record of the supplier help the buyer choose a supplier who is reliable as well as cost-effective. Good market intelligence minimizes expensive mistakes in supplier selection. In highly regulated industries, the right supplier helps the company maintain its compliance with quality regulations. An efficient and prompt supplier also improves the efficiency and timeliness of the company. When there is a system to mark a supplier's efficiency, selecting the same supplier the next time is easier.

Spend Analysis and Trends

Using procurement market intelligence tools helps one continually reevaluate the market and choose suppliers who supply the material at cost-effective rates. Management of the entire procurement timeline helps include the other aspects of the cost and value addition, such as transport. Having this software in place also allows the company to analyze their spending and compare it with the current market trends. This helps in the continual improvement and refinement of the supply chain.

The ability to accurately and quickly analyze spending data and trends alleviates other recognized pain points as well. For example, many procurement specialists have stated off-budget spending and overspending are serious concerns in their organization. We recently discussed the importance of spend analysis within procurement.

Risk Monitoring And Mitigation

Good procurement market intelligence also informs the buyer about the risk factors that are associated with a supplier. For example, a supplier offering very attractive rates may be located in a politically volatile place and prone to unforeseen disruptions. A supplier who is in a more stable environment may be less risky in the longer run.

Speed Up Approvals

Major procurement decisions are usually subject to management approval. Having a procurement market intelligence report in hand with information on the market for the materials and a background check of the proposed supplier makes approvals quicker and more informed.

How Beroe Inc. helps businesses with procurement market intelligence?

Beroe Inc. is the premier provider of procurement market intelligence solutions designed to transform businesses and drive success in their procurement operations. With our proven expertise and comprehensive insights, we empower businesses to make strategic decisions that yield tangible results.

Our Approaches include deep market insights, Imagine having access to detailed market analysis, industry trends, and emerging technologies specific to your sector. For example, in the automotive industry, we provide comprehensive insights on electric vehicle market trends, battery technology advancements, and regulatory changes. These insights enable businesses to identify growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. We offer supplier intelligence that provides detailed supplier profiles and performance evaluations to assist businesses in making informed decisions. For instance, in the pharmaceutical sector, we provide supplier intelligence reports on contract manufacturing organizations, highlighting their capabilities, regulatory compliance, and track records. This helps businesses select the right partners and ensure a reliable supply chain. We enable businesses to cost optimization opportunities where our procurement market intelligence identifies cost-saving opportunities through data-driven analysis. For example, in the consumer goods industry, we analyze pricing trends, supply-demand dynamics, and raw material costs to help businesses optimize their procurement strategies. This can result in significant cost savings and improved profitability. 

Risk Assessment and Mitigation: We assist businesses in identifying and mitigating supply chain risks. In the oil and gas sector, for instance, we provide risk assessment reports that highlight geopolitical risks, market fluctuations, and potential disruptions. Armed with this intelligence, businesses can develop robust risk management strategies and ensure operational resilience. We offer category-specific intelligence reports tailored to the unique needs of businesses. In the technology sector, for example, we provide reports on emerging technologies, market trends, and competitive landscapes. These reports equip businesses with actionable insights to make informed decisions and drive innovation. We understand that every business has unique requirements. That's why we work closely with our clients to provide customized solutions. For a manufacturing company, we might develop a customized market intelligence dashboard that tracks key performance indicators and provides real-time insights. This enables businesses to make proactive decisions and stay ahead of market trends. Leveraging advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, we process vast amounts of data to extract meaningful insights. For example, our AI-driven algorithms analyze social media sentiment data to gauge customer preferences in the retail industry. This technology-driven approach ensures accuracy, efficiency, and relevance in delivering procurement market intelligence.

At Beroe Inc., our passion lies in helping businesses harness the power of procurement market intelligence to drive growth, improve profitability, and achieve procurement excellence. With our industry expertise, comprehensive insights, and dedication to client success, we are committed to being your trusted partner in procurement transformation. Contact us today to discover how our market intelligence solutions can revolutionize your business. Check out Beroe LiVE.Ai™

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