Market Intelligence

Beroe's Market Intelligence solutions help companies with critical market information and analysis that enable them to make smart sourcing decisions—leading to lower costs, greater profits, and reduced risk.

Market Intelligence Offerings

Category Intelligence

Actionable intelligence, a key to procurement advantage

Ready-to-use Market Intelligence reports across 500+ categories

Covers little known supply, suppliers and regions through custom category intelligence

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Advanced Benchmarking

A compass of Procurement's Competitive Performance

Assess your procurement organisation against competition on key metrices

Gap analysis based on underlying category strategy components like specification, KPIs, SLAs etc

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Supplier Financial Risk Rating

Assess your suppliers’ financial risk across key parameters

Unified platform with risk rating across 140Mn+ companies -- powered D&B

Real time alerts on suppliers and track changes in risk ratings

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R&D Catalogs

Enabling Procurement to help R & D departments stay competitive

Benchmark data on key R&D sourcing metrices

Exclusive Pharma and Manufacturing industri

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Commodity Dashboard

Holistic view of commodity specific market conditions

Enables category managers to get accurate forecasts (>95%)

Analysis of price movements and historic pricing

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