Creating Advantage for Procurement

Beroe was founded in 2005 to meet a market need for custom analysis and market research. Chief Procurement Officers struggled with a lack of good market intelligence and supplier risk analysis. At the time, most sources were data-centric and generic, often outdated and sometimes inaccurate.

Fast forward almost two decades, and we’re a global leader in intelligence, data, and insights. Our Beroe LiVE.Ai™ platform enables more than 17,000 companies worldwide to make smarter sourcing decisions.


Our History

Minimize Risk, Maximize Opportunities


Procurement’s Challenge Today

The modern procurement function plays an incredibly strategic role. A role defined in four words: minimize risk, maximize opportunity. This focus is even more critical in today’s uncertain market, increasingly defined by inflation, capacity constraints, and supply-chain disruptions.

The post-COVID new normal has created new forms of financial and operational risk. This has forced procurement functions to adapt to ensure the timely supply of goods and services while reducing supply chain risks.


How does Beroe Help?

Beroe’s response is to provide procurement functions and businesses with data, intelligence, updates, and alerts that clarify what’s happening in their ecosystem. When we talk about minimizing risk, we want companies to be aware of external impacts and help them understand the actions they can take to reduce and mitigate risk.

And when it comes to maximizing opportunities, uncertain market forces demand customized intelligence that enables smart sourcing decisions and improves category management. This means new savings opportunities, lower costs, and greater profits.

How do we do it?

Two pillars support Beroe's ability to help you minimize risk and maximize opportunity.

Beroe LiVE.Ai™

Beroe’s AI-powered self-service platform that meets all your market intelligence needs. The procurement productivity suite helps you discover market information, find suppliers, manage market risk, measure category performance, track prices, and source global data.

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Beroe’s data, content, and platform partners provide in-app and embedded procurement intelligence. Our growing ecosystem of more than 30 partners are leading global solution providers that complement our offerings, and give you greater access to real-time data and information.

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