API Povidone Iodine Market Intelligence

Report Coverage

  • Supply Landscape
  • Price Analysis
  • Cost Driver Analysis
  • Key Global suppliers

Production Size

Global Production

100,00 MT


3800 MT


3400 MT

Table of contents

  1. API Povidone Iodine Executive Summary
  2. Supply Landscape
  3. Recommendations for Category Strategy
  4. Category Opportunity Analysis


  1. API Povidone Iodine Market Analysis
  2. Category Summary: COVID Impact
  3. Impact of COVID-19 on Excipients
  4. COVID Impact: Sourcing Location Watch
  5. Supply Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Plan
  6. Market Overview


  1. API Povidone Iodine Supplier Analysis
  2. Key Global suppliers 


  1. API Povidone Iodine Industry Analysis
  2. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  3. Key Global Supplier: SWOT – BASF
  4. Key Global Supplier: SWOT – Ashland


  1. API Povidone Iodine Market Monitoring Insights
  2. Price Analysis
  3. Price Quotes
  4. Cost Driver Analysis
  5. Cost Breakdown

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Demand for povidone for its usage as multifunctional excipient in disintegrating tablets and controlled-release drug delivery systems is driving its growth in the pharmaceutical industry.

Demand Drivers

With increasing trends of HME (Hot-Melt Extrusion) technology for increasing bioavailability of poorly-soluble drugs, demand for povidone having high solubilisation capacity, has increased from pharmaceutical industry

  • Increasing demand for PVP-based excipients (apart from MCC) in direct compression method for tablets production. Example, Crospovidone is used in BASF Ludipress® and Ludiflash®, which are used as direct compression agent in tablets
  • Its multifunctional property boosts its demand for its usage in coprocessed excipients or specialty blends (can easily be formulated with other excipients

Consolidated Market

The market is consolidated with major players, such as BASF and Ashland, holding the major portion of market share, accounting for about 60 percent

  • Due to the superior technical properties and cost-effective production techniques, along with an increasing demand from emerging market, there are few Asian producers of povidone, which are competing with industry players
  • Other major players - Pharmaceutical grade Povidone: JH Nanhang (JHNH), Boai Nky Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Zhangzhou Huafu Chemical Co. Ltd., Shanghai Qifuqing Material Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

The global Povidone market is primarily driven by the increasing demand as an excipient and binder from pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry

  • Usage of povidone as a food additive and stabilizer is also anticipated to drive the market demand
  • Approval from the US Food and Drug Administration has further augmented the adoption of polyvinylpyrrolidone in the food & beverages industry
  • Povidone is also increasingly used for water treatment, manufacturing adhesives, paints & coatings, detergents, printing inks, and photography
  • Crospovidone is mainly used as disintegrants in pharmaceuticals due to its swelling nature. Its demand as a multifunctional excipient in disintegrating tablets and controlled-release drug delivery systems is driving its growth in pharmaceutical industry 


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