AI & Digital Ops In Patient Access Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Existing Integrated Partnerships/Acquisitions
  • Patient Loyalty
  • Programs to Enhance Patient Adherence
  • Factors Impacting Patient Adherence
  • Patient Adherence – Case Study

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  1. Use of AI & Digital Technologies
  1. AI & Digital Ops In Patient Access Industry Initiatives
  1. Patient Access Programs by Non profit Organizations
  1. AI & Digital Ops In Patient Access Technologies for improving Patient Access based on AI
  1. AI & Digital Ops In Patient Access Existing Integrated Partnerships/Acquisitions
  1. Patient Loyalty
  1. AI & Digital Ops In Patient Access Programs to Enhance Patient Adherence
  1. Factors Impacting Patient Adherence
  1. AI & Digital Ops In Patient Access Patient Adherence - Case Study
  1. AI & Digital Ops In Patient Access Technology Support - Patient Adherence

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Global Market Outlook on AI & Digital Ops In Patient Access

Patient engagement tools allows for better predictive analytics around patient health and more timely intervention thus avoiding the cost of emergency room visits and hospitalizations

Most Effective Technologies in Patient Engagement Initiatives

  • Technologies that are patient centric are found to be most effective as they support patients in efforts to be healthy and provide input to providers on how patients are doing when not in clinic
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are currently leveraging AI solutions for chronic disease management in the areas of cancer and diabetes.

Industry Initiatives

The current machine learning initiatives of the top biopharmaceutical companies shows their growing interest in mobile coaching solutions, personalized medicine and adoption of technologies for drug discovery purposes

Johnson & Johnson

  • The collaboration is focusing on virtual patient coaching for individuals undergoing joint replacements and spine surgeries and rehabilitation support to improve patient outcomes.
  • Coaching is accessible through a mobile app designed to monitor and guide patient behavior throughout the pre- and post-operative experience.
  • The platform aims to enhance the Patient Athlete™ program launched by Depuy Synthes, companies of Johnson & Johnson and the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.

Abbott's LibreLinkUp mobile app

  • LibreLink, the mobile app enables a compatible Android phone to scan the FreeStyle Libre sensor, and allows caregivers to receive notifications when a user scans the sensor.
  • To date, more than 50,000 people who used the system have granted Abbott access to their data yielding more than 409.4m glucose measurements, 86.4m monitoring hours and 63.8m scans allowing Abbott to guide treatment decisions through cloud based technologies

Insilico Medicine

  • Is using AI to predict the therapeutic area of new drugs before the drug is tested
  • The program takes in a large amount of data from human cells exposed to current drugs and can compare the results to current developmental drugs
  • The program also identifies secondary therapeutic areas that researchers did not initially consider

Boehringer Ingelheim

  • Launched in 2016, the web- and mobile-based RespiPoints program offers patients a variety of adherence-building activities and challenges that reward points redeemable for electronic gift cards.
  • These include reporting daily adherences, verifying monthly medication refills, reading educational materials, and completing quizzes and surveys.
  • The program is free to those receiving a medication included in the program.
  • Program led to an 85 percent decrease in the number of gap days between refilling their next prescription, and 56 percent remained active across the entire nine-month pilot period.
  • Eighty-four percent of the participants reported that they had used the information or tips learned through the service in their self-care.
  • On average, participants visited the RespiPoints website 4.6 times and viewed the page for 50 minutes monthly

Virta Health

  • App that leverages AI from information diabetics provide on their smartphones to help them – under a physician's guidance -- make better decisions on diet, medications and other health-related issues.
  • Patients who sign up with the program use the app to upload their blood sugar levels, blood pressure, body weight and other vital information about their health.
  • A health coach reportedly monitors the information and checks in with patients to discuss problems and offers encouragement.
  • A doctor works behind the scenes, using the data to adjust the patient's diet, medications and addresses issues.

Patient Access Programs by Non profit Organizations

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

  • A program sponsored by drug companies, doctors, patient advocacy organizations, and civic groups.
  • It helps low-income, uninsured patients get free or low-cost, brand-name medications.


  • A non-profit organization that maintains an extensive database of information about patient assistance programs, state assistance, drug discount programs, and free or low-cost medical care.
  • Patients can search their database for free on their web site.
  • The site also has information on thousands of programs to help consumers through the application process

Cost Sharing Assistance Charities

  • An online database of drug company programs that provide free or affordable drugs and co-pay assistance

Center for Benefits

  • Provided by the National Council on Aging, this shares information about assistance programs for low-income seniors and young people with disabilities


  • A web-based resource where patients can search by medication to locate assistance programs.
  • They also offer help with the application process


  • A mail-order pharmacy for people with little to no health insurance coverage

Technologies for improving Patient Access based on AI


  • Babylon can send a reminder based on data gathered on how many pills patient has taken and when is the next dose scheduled.
  • It also knows when patient is running low on pills and can automatically to remind patients to collect a prescription based on geolocation data gathering

HealthTap and Doctor on Demand

  • Offers virtual doctor's appointments.
  • These are powered by AI, which can arrange appointments and respond to queries and will improve access to healthcare for people with chronic diseases who live in rural areas


  • A virtual assistant supported by chatbot solutions and AI that allows daily patients assistance as well as the improvement of these patients monitoring
  • It also permits the adaptation to all kind of needs, from a virtual assistant responding, FAQ's from users/patients to a transactional bot with the ability of interacting with an external information system or database.

Bluewolf AI Now™ 

  • Creates a single digital platform for patients to access support forums and services, including clinical trial enrollment, savings card programs and financial assistance, prior authorization, physician referrals, and benefits investigations.
  • It also connects Salesforce service Cloud with IBM Watson Health for data-driven insights that help improve patient outcomes

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