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Report Coverage

  • Supplier Analysis
  • Key Supplier Shortlisting Criteria
  • Supplier List
  • Cleaning Robot Market Drivers & Constraints

Market Size

Global Market Size

$4.43 Bn


15-16 Percent

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Robotic Cleaning Market Growth Drivers and Constraints
  3. Robotic Cleaning Global Market Outlook
  4. Robotic Cleaning Current Trends
  5. Case Study
  6. Robotic Cleaning Supplier Analysis

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Global Market Outlook on Robotic Cleaning

Cleaning is labor intensive and 95% of the cost is spent on labor. As per suppliers and robotic manufacturers, Robotic cleaning can reduce labor cost up to 85%. Robots are now available to perform a number of cleaning functions, presenting alternative to costly human labour for anything from floor cleaning to window cleaning. American Family Insurance, Powell Building, Dow Chemical are some of the companies using these.

robotic claningCurrent trends in the Industry

Sustainability Factor

Developed and developing nations are looking out for ways to create an eco friendly environment and have started many initiatives to create a ‘green environment'. Robotic Cleaning, Green Cleaning are paving ways for chemical free process

Vacuum Robot Deployment

Vacuum floor cleaning robots continue to experience greater acceptance and use as augmentation, and even replacement, of manual vacuum cleaners in residences and commercial enterprises

Technology Adoption Rate

Suppliers and buyers are focusing more on adopting various advanced technologies for cleaning and other industrial purposes

Strategic Acquisition

Big Corporate buyers are actively making acquisitions in the industry. Over $19 billion paid to acquire 50 robotics companies in 2016-2017 with the most significant being the acquisition of market leader Intellibot by Sealed Air

Global Acceptance

North America accounts for 48.32% revenue share of global revenue and 42.73% of total robotic shipment by 2022 followed by Europe having Germany and Italy as it's main contributors. APAC will witness the highest growth rate in this period, with the lowest share contribution from Latin America and Middle East African countries

Buyers Adopting Cleaning Robots

  • Amazon has an advantage of trying automation in a larger scale due to their ownership of Kiva systems, developing and customizing robots suiting their needs under low budget compared to the rest
  • Other buyers have gone in a “Trial Basis” at one of their premises, and held themselves back from making it a organization wide practice


  • Amazon bought a Robotic start up Kiva Systems for $775 million in 2012
  • Ever since they had developed 45,000 robots operating across their 20 fulfillment centers across  the US
  • They have been trying to automate their warehouse operations including cleaning
  • Kiva's robots automate the picking and packing process at large warehouses


  • United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) deployed Neo floor cleaning robots from Avidbots Corp, Canada
  • Neo was supplied by the University's facilities management partner, Berkeley Services Group, through Avidbots' exclusive distributor in the UAE - Al Yousuf Robotics
  • The robot has a easy-to-use web portal that provides real-time and historical reporting, providing greater visibility into operations for cleaning teams


  • Incheon International Airport, the largest in Korea, deployed Airport Guide Robot and cleaning robot
  • The airport authorities partnered with LG Electronics (LG) and focused to improve the automated services at one of the major travelers hub
  • The LG HOM-BOT deployed was capable of providing a powerful cleaning performance, autonomous navigation, and object-avoidance capability and applies them to a commercial, public environment

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