Global Market Outlook on Process Analyzer Technology

  • In FY2024, the global process analyzer market  size is expected to reach $11.58 billion with CAGR of 9.1% between FY2016 and FY2024
  • In FY2024, the market value is expected to have 50.2%  increase from the market value of FY2016
  • In 2015, Asia pacific region was dominating the global market share by 40 - 42%, and is expected to remain at top in upcoming years
  • The major end users in process analyzer market are Chemical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology. In which, the Oil & Gas industry holds  the majority share around 53–55%
  • In future, the demand for process analyzer will gain pace in chemical industry
  • Increasing Merger and acquisition is the key trend evolving in this market

Global Market Overview – Online Process Analyzer Technology

  • In developed region, they tend to use online analyzer technologies frequently
  • It holds 60 – 70 percent market share of overall online process analyzer
  • In emerging region, they tend to use more sampling technology were the sample is taken to laboratory to do  laboratory analysis  or analytical analysis
  • It holds 30 – 40 percent market share of overall online process analyzer 


  • ABB and Siemens are suitable process analyzer technology suppliers for pharmaceutical industry
  • The end use industries like petrochemical, pharmaceutical, water and wastewater are holding around $3 billion market value of overall online process analyzers
  • The refining & petrochemical industries are the top end user of process analyzer technology, they hold 30–35 percent of overall market value
  • The pharmaceutical industry holds 10–15 percent of overall market value
  • The pharmaceutical industry follows batch process, whereas refining, petrochemical, oil & gas, power, pulp & paper follows continuous process

Global Market Drivers and Constraints


  • Increasing demand of process analyzer is anticipated to experience a robust growth rate in coming years
  • Reduction in production cycle time
  • Prevent reprocessing and rejection  of batches
  • Increased process understanding and continuous improvement
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Technology Advancement: Rapid increase of technology advancement in process analyzer field leads manufacturers to innovate new products that has better design  and performance


  • Lack of a written PAT guidance document from FDA
  • High Infrastructure Cost: The cost includes in the production of process analyzer are raw material, packaging, fabrication, support electronics and development. Besides these, process analyzers incur high installation and maintenance cost. This results challenge for process analyzer players and restricts the growth of process analyzer market
  • Huge Competition: In process analyzer market, the huge competition among manufactures is leading to pressure in terms of cost
  • Lack of Skilled Professional