Polyurethanes North America Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Feedstock Analysis in the US
  • Isocyanates: Industry Drivers and Constraints
  • Isocyanates: Trade Overview – US
  • Polyurethanes Global Market Size Outlook

Market Size


3 Percent

Market Size North America

$ 10.43 Bn

Market Size US

$9.5 Bn

Table of contents

  1. Polyurethanes Market in the US
  2. Polyurethanes Global Market Size Outlook
  3. Feedstock Analysis in the US
  4. Isocyanates Market Analysis
  5. TDI: Market Overview
  6. MDI: Market Overview
  7. Isocyanates: Industry Drivers and Constraints
  8. Isocyanates: Price Trends
  9. Isocyanates: Trade Overview - US
  10. Polyols Market Analysis
  11. Polyols: Market Overview
  12. Polyols: Industry Drivers and Constraints
  13. Polyols: Price Trends
  14. Polyols: Trade Overview - US

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Regional Market Outlook on Polyurethanes

  • The US polyurethanes market value was estimated to be $8.5 billion in 2013 and is expected to exceed $9.5 billion in 2018 growing at a CAGR of 3 percent
  • Polyurethane market in the US was driven by healthy growth in construction, driving the demand for polyurethane building insulation, coatings, adhesives and sealants
  • Flexible and rigid polyurethane foams will remain the largest product segments, each accounting for 40 percent and 30 percent of the overall polyurethane demand
  • Sealants is expected to be the best growth prospects for polyurethanes in the coming years, supported by continued strength in the construction market and increased usage in automobiles
  • The demand for flexible polyurethane is primarily driven by the growing household products market, where demand from the mature bedding segment has been revived by the popularity of viscoelastic (memory) foam
  • In the coming years, gains in this market will be boosted by growing expenditures in residential construction. Further profits will be constrained by maturity in the US market including furniture and textiles, both of which are subject to strong import competition

Polyurethanes Global Market Size Outlook

The global polyurethane market is projected to cross $65 billion by 2018 propelled by increasing demand for lightweight and durable materials from end-use industries such as furniture, construction, electronics and appliances, automotive, footwear and packaging

Flexible PU foams remained the dominant product with over 40 percent volume share in 2017 and is primarily driven by the use of PU foam in home furnishing and passenger vehicle cars

The increase in use of bio-based polyurethanes, especially in construction, is one of the major growth drivers for this market. Industrialization, urbanization and stringent government regulations , along with the growing requirement for energy-efficient buildings which enhances the need for insulation, will improve the demand for bio-based polyurethane in the forecasted period 

TDI: Market Overview

  • The TDI market in the US remained stable to soft in this period, due to moderate demand from downstream polyurethane foam products amidst slow economic recovery and a weak energy complex
  • The increasing demand for luxurious automobiles coupled with rising competition in automobile industry encouraged the use of polyurethane foams in cars which drove the  TDI market growth in this period
  • TDI forms an integral part of flexible foams and this segment occupied the largest share in TDI applications due to the increasing demand for TDI in mattresses and bedding applications
  • Increasing demand for rigid foams in packaging industry and subsequent growth of the packaging sector also contributed to the market growth in this period

MDI: Market Overview

  • The MDI market in the US had experienced growth at higher-than GDP-rates, until the downturn in the construction and automotive sectors which severely impacted MDI demand in the region
  • Rigid polyurethane foam will continue to have the largest share in MDI applications market owing to its increased use as an insulating material in building and construction sectors
  • MDI demand is anticipated to rise due to its application in adhesives, sealants, elastomers, coatings and binders. Growing end-use industries are expected to fuel the MDI market over the next few years

Isocyanates: Price Trends 

  • MDI and TDI prices are expected to witness an uptrend due to a supply crunch in the market owing to global supply tightness caused by planned and unplanned plant outages and healthy downstream demand
  • The Force Majeure declared by BASF at its 160,000 MT/year Geismar, Louisiana facility earlier this year also coincided with various supply issues plaguing the Asian market, thereby resulting in a price increase in the region
  • Price Outlook (for TDI): US TDI prices will continue to increase  as tightened global supply situation persists. The situation is expected to improve with BASF's Ludwigshafen TDI facility expected to come online in Q2 2018 with the new reactor installed. Prices will continue to predominantly show an increasing trend as the supply demand fundamentals will take a while to balance out


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