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Report Coverage

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  1. Trucking Market Overview and Future Trends in France
  1. Supply - Demand Dynamics in France
  1. Trucking Dynamics: Permissible Weight Limit, Truck Registration in France
  1. Trucking Cost Structure in France
  1. Price Index Analysis for Trucking and Analysis of all Operating Cost Elements and Trend Analysis
  1. Identifying the Major Factors influencing Trucking Service Providers to Increase the Transportation Cost
  1. Payment Terms and Contract Period

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Regional Market Outlook on Haulage Industry

Strong domestic demand supported by favorable financing conditions, expected tax cuts, and rising confidence will lead to resilient investment and consumption driving the growth of the French haulage industry during 2017-2018

France Internet of Things (IoT) market is expected to grow during 2017-18 due to rising internet penetration, increase in development of cloud-based logistic application and adoption of cloud for storage of data which can improve the quality of logistic services

Market Overview

  • Road freight accounts for ~78-80 percent of the volume of commodities transported
  • The Logistics 2025 plan stresses on improving infrastructure to enhance the intermodality of the transport network while simplifying the administrative management of the supply chain.
  • Digital transition, energy transition, and a sustainable supply chain are some of the key focus areas
  • The development of the high-speed freight network is expected to bring about a modal shift towards rail and air freight
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies, telematics, Big Data, autonomous and electric vehicles, and wearable technologies are likely to see increased adoption by freight companies by 2018

Supply-Demand Dynamics

Implementation of resting law has pushed foreign truckers to carry out limited number of trips to France. This has resulted in lesser trucking capacity leading to increase in freight rates

Trucking industry in France is fragmented with truck utilization rates remaining high due to reduced operations of foreign players which is an impact of Loi Macron's law

  • The industry is highly fragmented with around ~63-65 percent of the trucks owned by small and independent truckers
  • The average age of trucks is ~6 years due to stringent adoption of Euro-class standards
  • The logistics industry in France is dominated by road transportation and transports ~85 percent of the country's freight
  • It is observed that there was an increase in the number of truck registrations , due to the country's shift toward Euro-5 and Euro-6 standard vehicles

New Truck Registration in France

The French market with respect to HCV has grown by 4 percent as compared with the same period during the previous year, due to country's stringent laws on vehicle standards

  • The demand is driven by agro, mining, FMCG, and F&B industries
  • The reinforcement of resting law has forced foreign truckers to limit the number of trips to and from France thereby impacting the available trucking capacity
  • Truck utilization rates remain high due to scarcity of trucks as well as equivalent amounts of inbound and outbound cargo movement

Government Regulations and Cabotage Restrictions

It is observed that there is an increase in the number of truck registrations , due to the country's shift toward Euro-5 and Euro-6 standard vehicles, and the new regulation of “Loi macron”, both these trends impacted the freight rates

The weight limitations of trucks have not been revised by the government recently, and hence, will have minimal impact on freight rates, with maximum weight limit can go up to 44 tons for 6 axles

Driving Regulations and Prevalent Restrictions

  • Drivers can drive for 9 hours a day, with a 45-minute break every 4.5 hours and 11 hours twice a week with 3 breaks
  • Enforcement of government rule that the drivers are not allowed to rest inside trucks has impacted the operational cost for truckers


The country is ranked second among all EU countries, based on the volume of cabotage taking place in the country, which is due to the high driver wages paid to the French drivers

Cabotage Restriction in France

  • Due to other European hauliers performing higher percent of cabotage in the country, the French government has implemented minimum wages law for all the hauliers operating in the country
  • While the foreign hauliers can perform three cabotage operations within seven days of entry into the country, they must pay the minimum wages of 9.76 €/hour, which has increased the cost of foreign hauliers

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