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Report Coverage

  • Pakistan Semi-Chemical Medium Imports Market Share (2017)
  • South Africa Containerboard Grade Split (2017)
  • Saudi Arabia Containerboard Producers' Market Share (2017)
  • Saudi Arabia Kraftliner Exports Market Share (2017)
  • Saudi Arabia Semi-Chemical Medium Exports Market Share (2017)

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  1. Market Analysis And Trade Details
  1. Supplier Analysis
  1. Conference List And Supplier Analysis

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Regional Market Outlook on Corrugates 

  • The Middle East and Africa corrugates market is estimated to be 6.81 million tons in 2018 and is expected to reach 7.31 million tons by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 3–4%
  • Changing consumer lifestyle and shift toward environment-friendly packaging solutions will drive up the demand for paper packaging products
  • Growing e-commerce industry is the major driver, which is directly impacting the demand for corrugated boxes and containerboard in the region, especially in the Middle East

Containerboard Demand – Middle East and Africa

  • The region is expected to gain its economic growth, due to favorable global economic environment, stability in the oil market, thereby increasing consumer disposable income to spend on e-commerce retail
  • The demand for frozen foods is expected to be high in the Middle East and Africa, due to the increase in consumption of perishable items, such as halal meat, which will drive the demand for corrugated boxes

Pakistan Containerboard Market

Key Takeaway: Currently, there are many mills in Pakistan, which are undergoing capacity expansions, due to rapidly growing demand for corrugated boxes and secondly, the imported paper prices have increased drastically by almost around 70–100%; so, the converters are shifting towards the local paper mills, making the supply less than the demand. Hence, the capacity has increased or is expected to increase in the near future according to most of the major paper mills and corrugated boxes suppliers in Pakistan.

South Africa Containerboard Market

Key Takeaway: Most of the major players, such as Mpact Ltd., Corruseal, and New Era Packaging, have upgraded their capacity in 2017, and the mills have started their production in 2018, due to growing demand in the Africa region 

Saudi Arabia Containerboard Market

Key Takeaway

  • No major capacity expansion announcements were observed in the last two years, in terms of paper mills by MEPCO and Waraq, the only two major paper mills in Saudi Arabia and manufactures testliner and fluting medium
  • Saudi Arabia is a net importer of Kraftliner
  • Top players in the Saudi Arabian containerboard industry are Middle East Paper (MEPCO) and Arab Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd
  • Gulf paper industry is no longer into containerboard in the market
  • Al Watania Paper Products (WAPER) and United Carton Industries Company (UCIC) are the two major suppliers for corrugated boxes, which occupy around 80–90% of the total market making the market consolidated in nature
  • No major capacity expansions observed in the last two years. Currently, the market is weak, due to economic crisis going on in the country. However, it is expected to pick up in the upcoming years, i.e., 2019–2020 according to most of the major converters

Egypt Containerboard Market

Key Takeaway:

  • No major capacity expansions were observed. However, it is expected to increase in the near future, due to growing demand
  • In Egypt, the demand for corrugated boxes is expected to be driven by food & beverages, FMCG and retail industries
  • The top suppliers are ELF - Egyptian Liner & Fluting, First Co. For Industrial Development, Islamic Paper Manufacturing, FARCO, El Farouk Co.
  • Egypt is a net importer of containerboard; and US, Saudi Arabia, and Italy are some important import partners

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