Brewers By-products

Tonnes of brewing by-products are generated while producing beer. Breweries have shifted focus on generating better value out of these waste materials

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    Brewers By-products market report transcript

    Brewer's By-products Global Market Outlook

    • The global brewing by-product production is around 46.02 MMT, out of which, only a small portion is utilized. Major portion is consumed as cattle feed in wet form
    • Drying of brewing by-products is done on a large scale in European countries, the US, and China. Proportion of drying and other value additions are relatively lesser in other countries


    Nutritional Value of Brewing By-products

    Spent grains are rich in proteins and fibres. This quality makes it suitable for animal consumption and sometimes for human consumption too. Similarly, spent yeast has 9 percent of protein content, making it suitable for various applications from animal feed to food applications.

    Global Brewing By-products Production

    • Nearly, 46.26 MMT of brewing by-products were produced in 2017, with 84.7 percent of spent grains, 12.7 percent of spent yeast, and other 2.6 percent of hot trubs and diatomaceous earth. It is expected that brewing by-products production will increase by ~0.8% with he projected increase in production of beer
    • These by-products are utilized in compound feed manufacturing, fertilizer manufacturing, food spreads manufacturing, and several other industries
    • Value addition of these by-products is limited to well-developed markets like the UK, Germany, China, France, etc. In these countries, dried by-products are utilized in end-use applications
    • In countries, like Mexico, Vietnam, and other underdeveloped countries, beer by-products are used in wet form because of the high cost involved in manufacturing dried products

    Brewing By-products Production by Major Beer Producers

    • Large breweries utilize/sell the by-products from beer production to industries, like animal feed, food, fertilizer, etc. These by-products are also used as renewable energy within the breweries
    • To meet the sustainability targets, these breweries usually avoid landfills and take measures to increase the utilization through innovations
    • All the leading breweries achieve more than 90 percent of utilization of these by-products either through selling to compound feed companies, drying units or by utilizing inside the brewing facilities as bio-fuel
    • Utilization in wet forms is largely seen across globe because of its viability