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A comprehensive Sand Castings Market Report that answers these questions

A comprehensive Sand Castings Market Report that answers these questions

  • What are the key trends in Sand Castings category?
  • Am I paying the right price?
  • Am I working with the right supplier?
  • What are the major challenges and risks in Sand Castings industry?
  • How is Sand Castings industry performing?

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Report Coverage

  • Sand Castings Industry Trends
  • Regional Market Outlook- China, US, ndia, Japan, Germany
  • Castings Suppliers: Product/Service Portfolio
  • Key Global Supplier Profiles

Table of contents

  1. Sand Castings Executive Summary
  2. Global Sand Castings Industry Outlook (2018)
  1. Sand Castings Market Analysis
  2. Global Sand Castings: Market Maturity
  3. Global Sand Castings: Industry Trends
  4. Regional Market Outlook
  5. Porter's Five Forces Analysis: Developed Global
  1. Sand Castings Supply Analysis
  2. Key Global Sand Castings Suppliers
  3. Key Global Supplier Profile
  4. Supplier SWOT Analysis
  1. Cost Structure
  2. Cost Drivers: Raw Materials, Electricity, and Labor
  1. Sand Castings Procurement Best Practices
  2. Contract Structure
  3. Emerging Technologies: Pros and Cons
  4. Industry Best Practices

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Global Market Outlook on Sand Casting

  • China, US, India, Japan, and Germany are ranked as the top five sand castings producing countries
  • Nearly, 70 percent of ferrous castings and 25 percent of the non-ferrous castings are casted using the sand casting process
  • Major end-user sectors in the casting market are Automobile: 42–45 percent, Machinery: 20–22 percent, Civil Engineering: 10–15 percent, Energy: 8–10
  • Top global sand casting suppliers include FAW Foundry, Weichai Power, Waupaca Foundry, Grede Holdings, Hinduja Foundries, Jayaswal Neco India Ltd.,
    Hitachi Metals, Nemak.
  • Sand casting suppliers compete by offering various additional services and differentiate themselves among peers through cost and product quality.


Global Sand Castings Market Maturity

  • China contributes to nearly 45–47 percent of the global sand castings production. In case of the ferrous castings, China is followed by India, whereas the US takes the second position in producing non-ferrous castings
  • In general, the sand casters are small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Automobile and industrial machinery are two major end-use industries, which serves as a key demand driver for the sand castings production

 Global Sand Castings Industry Trends

  • The foundry industry is fragmented and the foundries compete by providing value-added services, like machining, heat treatment, and other processes
  • The environmental regulations in the developed nations are very stringent, and hence, the foundries are likely to invest more on environment-friendly practices, like recycling of sand, usage of silicate binder, etc.

Regional Market Outlook-US

  • Contraction in the industry: The number of iron and steel foundries declined, whereas the non-ferrous foundries were stable. Medium and small-scale enterprises dominate the supplier landscape
  • Demand from the automotive, railways, energy & construction sectors has been the main demand drivers through these years

Cost Structure

  • Primary cost drivers are those which directly affect the cost of the product:

– Materials, energy, wage rates are some of the primary drivers, which can be directly tied to the variations in cost

  • Secondary cost drivers explain the variations in primary cost drivers, which affects the cost indirectly

– Coke/charcoal and iron ore are the main raw materials used in the production of pig iron

– Any change in the price of the coke/charcoal and iron ore will have its impact on the price of pig iron . 

  • Coal prices will have its effect on the price of electricity
  • Key price drivers are end-user demand, taxes, contract terms, and the overall cost

Sand Castings Market Overview

  • A key feature of the sand-casting industry in China is market consolidation: The number of foundries remained stable from 2010 to 2019. The iron foundries declined, whereas number of non-ferrous foundries almost doubled during these years.
  • There are large number of small and medium-scale enterprises. Demand from the automotive, railways, energy & construction sectors has been the main demand drivers through these years.
  • In general, two types of contracts were followed in the sand-casting industry. The contract structure varies from one-time orders to yearly contracts or long-term contracts, based on the client requirements.
  • The price revision happens monthly, based on the price rise or drop by more than 5 percent in the case of long-term contracts. In one-time order, the price remains constant from the date of order to the date of delivery.
  • Sand casting market reports shows that the emerging technologies include Additive Manufacturing, Casting Simulation Software and Advancements in Binders.

Why You Should Buy This Report

The report gives a regional market outlook of China, Germany, Japan, US and India. It shows the global sand casting market trends and gives the service portfolio and
SWOT analysis of key players such as Hinduja Foundries, Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd., Hitachi Metals, etc. It breaks down the cost structure and analyzes the price and price drivers. The report gives information about the typical contract structure of the sand casting industry.

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