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Report Coverage

  • Industry Best Practices For Buyers Considerations
  • Key Global Suppliers
  • Supplier-based Sourcing Recommendations
  • SWOT Analysis – Promotional Packaging

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  1. Market Overview: Promotional Packaging
  1. Industry Analysis
  1. Sourcing Strategies

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Regional Market Outlook on Promotional Packaging Manufacturers - Mexico

Increasing presence of organized retail such as large supermarkets in Latin American market, combined with growing income in the region has resulted in increased focus for shelf-presence, driving demand for promotional and display packaging

Key Demand Drivers

  • Rapid urbanization and preference for smaller packs has resulted in high growth for flexible and paper packaging options (CAGR 10-12%)
  • Robust growth in packaged food, pharma and consumer markets leading to increasing competition in the segments
  • Slowing income growth resulting in increased pressure on spending continues to be a key moderating factor especially for premium products

Growth Drivers and Constraints

Increasing number of both global and local brands aided by high retail growth combined with high impact of promotional packaging especially for smaller packs such as sample packs, would strengthen demand for promotional packaging in the region


Large number of high value brands that compete for increased Shelf-Presence

  • Promotional packaging provide increased visibility to smaller sized packs and better aesthetics to the product, which increases the overall shelf-presence of the product
  • In high competition segments such as packaged foods and personal care, promotional packs are being increasingly used to drive market share of many brands

Offers more environmentally friendly and cost effective option compared to other marketing tools

  • Promotional packs offer a much cheaper means of marketing new products from brand owners and also enables them to target particular geography or demographic more efficiently than other options
  • They also provide a more eco-friendly option as most promotional packages are readily recyclable

Growing organized retail sector in emerging markets

  • Organized retail sector in key Latin American markets such as Mexico, Argentina and Brazil are forecasted to grow at about 8-10% CAGR over the next 4 years owing to increased spending and demand for more premium products
  • Brand owners are striving to achieve better shelf presence in the increasingly competitive space


Higher brand loyalty in developing countries leading to diminishing returns from promotional programs

  • Consumers in emerging Latin American markets such as Brazil, Mexico and Argentina have been consistently rated high on brand loyalty and are often unwilling to switch brands of their purchases
  • As a result, brand promotions and display packaging are often less effective in these markets than other mature markets, where such tools are often successfully used to increase market share
  • Therefore, fewer brands opt for such promotional packaging displays, owing to lower demand for such packaging in these markets

Key Industry Trends in Promotional Packaging

Preference for Paperboard over Flexible Packaging

  • Paperboard has become the most preferred format for promotional packaging owing to lower costs associated with the packaging, increased reliability and lower complexity of the packaging
  • Innovations along printing capabilities and built-in e-ink displays have further driven adoption of such packaging for promotional products
  • Industry Example: PhutureMed paperboard carton from Palladio Packaging has an integrated E ink display and sensors

Personalized and Interactive Packaging

  • Personalized packaging for promotional products have become highly popular as many brands owing to high success rates for increasing brand awareness and market share
  • Packages personalized with the names or attributes of the buyers, or interact with the buyer have been augmented by smart packaging and AR technologies to further enhance user experience
  • Industry Example: Rondo Pak's app The Rondo App reads invisible points in the packaging to trigger AR videos

3D Printed Packaging

  • Improvements in the 3D printing technology has resulted in lower costs and improved speeds and design possibilities
  • As a result, many brand owner have adopted 3D printing printed packaging for their promotional items, owing to the high degree of design flexibility it offers and low quantity requirements of such products
  • 3D printing provides converters and brand owners to provide many unique and innovative produce to consumers

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