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A comprehensive Onshore Drilling Rigs Market Report that answers these questions

A comprehensive Onshore Drilling Rigs Market Report that answers these questions

  • What are the key trends in Onshore Drilling Rigs category?
  • Am I paying the right price?
  • Am I working with the right supplier?
  • What are the major challenges and risks in Onshore Drilling Rigs industry?
  • How is Onshore Drilling Rigs industry performing?

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Report Coverage

  • Onshore Drilling (North America) –Market Analysis
  • Market Overview –North America
  • Supply Trends
  • Key Cost Drivers

Table of contents

  1. Onshore Drilling Rigs Executive Summary
  2. Market Size - APAC
  3. Negotiation Lever for Buyer
  4. Industry Drivers
  5. Prevailing Cost and drivers
  6. Engagement and Sourcing Practice
  7. Top Suppliers
  1. Onshore Drilling Rigs Market Analysis
  2. Onshore Drilling (North America) - Market Analysis
  3. Onshore Drilling (APAC) - Market Analysis
  4. Market Overview - North America
  5. Market Overview - APAC
  6. Porter's Five Forces Analysis - North America & APAC Onshore Rigs
  1. Onshore Drilling Rigs Supply - Demand Trends
  2. Supply Trends (North America)
  3. Demand Drivers - Global
  4. Supply - Demand Trends (North America)
  5. Supply - Demand Balance (North America)
  6. Supply - Demand (Trends & Balance) (APAC)
  1. Cost Breakup
  2. Key Cost Drivers
  1. Onshore Drilling Rigs Supplier Analysis
  2. Supplier Landscape (North America)
  3. SWOT Analysis - North American & APAC Rigs Market
  4. Supplier Analysis
  1. Onshore Drilling Rigs Industry Best Practices
  2. Industry Best Practices

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Onshore Drilling (North America) –Market Analysis

  • Rebounding oil prices have boosted the drilling activities across the globe
  • Shale gas boom has pushed ahead the utilization rate of onshore rigs in the region
  • The North American rig count is expected to grow at CAGR of 4 percent until 2022


  • As the shale gas boom is driving the market in North America, the demand of onshore rigs have been high in the region. With the improvement in oil prices, the rig count rose to 876 in 2017 from 509 in 2016
  • The recovery in the global land drilling market, led by North America, is being sustained with the trend toward more efficient, higher specification automated rigs
  • Rig utilization rate is expected to recover and would be about 55 percent in 2018 in North America, after downfall in 2015 – 2017
  • US rig count crossed the 1000 mark in April 2018, and topped the highest in November 2018

 Onshore Drilling (APAC) –Market Analysis

  • The rig utilization rate has been steadily increasing from early 2017 and is about 70 percent since January 2018.
  • In 2018, utilization of land rig in APAC has recovered and is been maintained at an average of 70 percent
  • By 2021, rig demand is expected to be at the rate of 8 – 13 percent, as oil prices are recovering and rising demand
  • India, China and Indonesia are the major oil producing countries in the region, which have high level of utilization of rigs in the region
  • Oil companies are preferring electrical rigs over mechanical rigs, as it gives them the advantage over cost and time factors, though its day rates are expensive
  • Rebounding oil prices have encouraged E&P operators to invest in exploration activities

On Shore Drilling Rig Market Overview –North America

  • Demand for land drilling rigs has increased by more than 40 percent as oil prices are recovering
  • The Permian Basin in the US and Alberta in Canada have been the key region for oil exploration in North America
  • Based on drilling activity, North America has 1,029 active land rigs as of 7th December 2018
  • Top states in the US, on the basis of active land rig count, are as follows:

            – Texas (513) 
            – Oklahoma (134) 
            – New Mexico (95) 
            – North Dakota (52) 

  • More than two-third of land rigs are active in four states primarily, due to ‘Big Three' shale basins namely Bakken, Permian Basin, and Eagle Ford, which has the highest number of shale wells
  • The Permian basin in the US, specifically Bone Spring and Wolfcamp, plays an vital role in the US oil production

Key Cost Drivers 

  • In the current market condition, buyer has a high control in choosing the supplier, due to the low demand and rig utilization rates
  • The buyer must keep a track on the supplier's financials to have a better contract leverage

On Shore Drilling Rig Market Overview –APAC

  • Stable oil prices between $55/bbl and $60/bbl have resulted in a cautious approach by onshore drilling rigs companies w.r.t. investments in exploration activities in the APAC region.
  • Based on the onshore drilling activity, APAC has 227 active rigs, of which, 132 are land rigs (excluding activities in China) as of Q2 2019.
  • The Indian announced 55 onshore oil & gas blocks for exploration to public and private players, thereby resulting in an increase in demand for on shore drilling rigs in the near future.
  • With crude oil prices hovering between $55/bbl and $60/bbl, cautious investments are expected to be witnessed in the region in the near future with stable oil prices.

Onshore Drilling Rig Cost Breakup

  • Material cost covers 63 percent of the entire rig and with the demand for rigs with deep drilling capacity, the cost is expected to increase
  • Suppliers’ day rate for rigs covers components such as: cost of capital, operating cost and profits.
  • Onshore drilling rig day rates may be further classified as per the operational phase of the rig as follows; Drilling rate, Standby rate (as a percent of the day rate), Maintenance cost, Mobilization/demobilization.

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The report gives the market overview, supply trends and market analysis of the North American and APAC on shore drilling rig market. It lists out the global demand drivers for the drilling rig industry. It provides the cost breakup and key cost drivers of the onshore drilling industry. The report details the supplier landscape and SWOT analysis of the North American Oil and APAC rig market and shares the profile of major players like Helmerich & Payne, Precision Drilling Corporation, John Energy, India, SVOGL Oil Gas & Energy Ltd., India, etc.

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