Mobile Application Procurement Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Mobile Marketing Market–Global & Regional Outlook
  • Geographical Presence and Its Impact
  • Engagement and Pricing Strategies

Market Size

Global Market Size

$195.9 Bn


21.8 Percent

Table of contents

  1. Mobile Application Procurement Executive Summary
  2. Executive Summary
  1. Mobile Application Procurement Market Overview
  2. Global & Regional Market Outlook
  3. End User Segmentation
  4. Key Technological Trends
  5. Regulations in Pharma Industry
  1. Mobile Application Procurement Industry Best Practices
  2. Sourcing Model
  3. Pricing and Engagement Model
  4. Industry Examples
  1. Mobile Application Supplier Analysis
  2. Supplier Identification and Profiling

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Global Market Outlook- Mobile Marketing

USA and China are the two major markets that will drive mobile ad spend over the period 2016-2020. 16-18% of growth in digital ad sales is driven by mobile advertising. Central and Eastern Europe are expected to grow at Y-o-Y growth rate of nearly 7 percent over next 2-3 years.

Mobile Advertising Market Outlook (2016–2020)

  • Globally, North America will continue to dominate the mobile marketing industry by contributing around 50–55% towards the global digital marketing category spend
  • Digital ad spend in APAC has surpassed Europe and this growth is primarily driven by China and emerging Asian markets due to increasing investments in technology and digital platforms
  • Video advertising is growing as rapidly as social media, this year growth is expected to be 28-30%, which will bring total video advertising spend to $20-23 billion
  • Social media is the second largest format of digital budgets and it grew by 46 percent globally in 2016
  • This modest growth is due to the positive spend inclination from key sectors like Retail, BFSI, Pharma and CPG

Mobile Marketing Market–Regional Outlook

European region has the most dynamic mobile marketing penetration in the healthcare sector.

Also, Asia Pacific accounts for 60-65% of growth rate in 2016 for using mobile applications especially for accessing social media. Improved access to smartphones and Internet of Things (IoT) have helped developing economies grow at a faster rate.

Mobile Advertising Regional Outlook

  • North America drive the most of the growth followed by Asia Pacific and Europe. Asia Pacific market growth is driven majorly by two countries China and Japan
  • China records 250 percent growth in mobile ad spend because of the country's population and improved access to the smart phones
  • In 2016, Germany recorded the highest spend in mobile video from Europe

End-User Segmentation

By focusing on mobile applications, and new immersive ad placements, pharma industry has become one of the fastest growing verticals in digital advertising.

Digital advertising is largely dominated by mobile advertising and predicted to make up 70-72% of all digital spend by 2019.

Key Highlights

  • Pharmaceutical industry has become one of the fastest growing verticals in digital advertising. Pharmaceutical industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 13-14%
  • Pharma sector is investing heavily in mobile messaging, location technology, personalization technology, and mobile search
  • Among other ad spending industries Food & Beverage was down by 7 percent in Q17 and retail was down by -3 percent
  • Financial services companies are using digital channels to instruct consumers on the value of using digital banking tools and apps
  • In Financial services industry, 50-53% of their digital ad spend goes into mobile advertising
  • Travel sector is investing in virtual reality and 360 degree video to sustain in a competitive landscape

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