Clienteling Services North America Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Supplier Profile
  • Sourcing Model
  • Clienteling Program - Implementation Process
  • Key Performance Indices (KPIs)

Market Size


5 Percent

Market Size North America

$0.71 Bn

Table of contents

  1. Category Overview
  1. Market Analysis
  1. Procurement Best Practices
  1. Supplier Analysis

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Regional Market Outlook on Clienteling Services 

The clienteling industry in North America was valued at around $0.71 billion and is expected to grow at CAGR of nearly 5 percent over next 2-3 years. The retail sector is primarily driving the clienteling industry and hence, retailers can benefit out of their account attractiveness while negotiating with the service providers.

Key Insights

  • The clienteling industry is primarily driven by retail buyers and hence the established brands can leverage on its account attractiveness to negotiate price with the service


Growth Drivers

  • Availability of Data: Owing to high internet penetration of nearly 88 percent and integration of multiple channels, organizations have detailed level of information about its end-customers. This availability of data acts as a foundation stone in the success of any clienteling program
  • Personalized Communication: Minute details such as browsing history, preferred mode of communication, previous purchases etc. are analyzed which helps the retail store associates to provide a personalized experience to their key customers and thus improve sales, customer service and overall shopping experience
  • Que-less Shopping Experience: Retailers can avoid sales loss due to long que by offering digital checkout options to its customers
  • It's helpful in gaining real time insights about customers and prospects
  • It increase opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell

Key Trends

VIP Customer Database

  • Retailers are keeping a database of its key customers wherein they record minute details for personalized 1:1 communication. These details include:

–style and brand preferences

–prior purchases

–active warranties

–loyalty program information

–key dates such as anniversaries and birthdays

–preferred mode of communication

Community Development – Elite Salespeople

  • Organizations are developing an online community of top performing retail associates where they share their success stories with their co-workers. This helps other associates to improve their selling technique, thus increasing sales numbers

Regular Training

  • In order to execute the clienteling program as designed, retailers are providing regular training to their associates

Communication via Chat and E-Mail

  • Retail companies are focusing on engaging with its customers even after they have left the store
  • They are continuing to communicate with the help or chats and e-mails wherein templates and pictures are shared
  • These communications are recorded and shared with retail associates when the customer visits the store

Omni-Channel Inventory

  • Retail companies are demanding omni-channel inventory platform where each store can access inventory in other stores, online
  • This would facilitate in smooth processing of online and store orders

Rewarding Top Performers 

  • Retailers are rewarding top performers to motivate them and their colleagues to use clienteling platform

Supplier Shortlisting Criteria

A list of clienteling service providers have been provided, which have been shortlisted based on the parameters mentioned below:

  • Service Capabilities: Clienteling , Customer Information and Order History, Black Book Management, Follow-up Management, E-Mailing, SMS Messaging
  • Geographical Coverage: North America

Procurement Best Practices

Engagement Model

  • Companies prefer to engage with North American service providers.
  • Well- versed with the local culture and understanding of customers' sentiment that helps to connect better
  • Cost effective compared to global players
  • Mature supply landscape in North America

Pricing Model

  • Typically Project + Performance by Result based pricing is the most adopted pricing model while sourcing clienteling services.
  • Scope and objectives are well defined
  • Generally 20-25% of the overall payment is linked to performance
  • Makes the service provider accountable
  • Promotes innovation

Contract Duration

  • Medium term contract duration is widely followed in the industry.
  • In such a scenario the buyer isn't tied to a clienteling service provider for long
  • Medium term contracts pushes the service provider to remain technologically updated




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