Advertising Content Post Production and Adaptation Europe Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Porter's Analysis
  • How is the sourcing done for post-production services?
  • Translation Services – An overview
  • Supplier Shortlisting

Table of contents

  1. Category Intelligence Summary
  2. Category Overview
  3. Category Definition
  1. Market Overview
  2. Market Outlook
  3. Emerging Technology Trends
  4. Porter’s Analysis
  1. Category Sourcing
  2. How Is The Sourcing Done?
  3. Translation Services
  4. Whom Can I Partner With?

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Regional Market Outlook On Advertising Content Post Production and Adaptation in Europe

The European market is largely fragmented with some agencies offering a wide range of services while some with specialized expertise in services, such as sound, visual effects, coloration, 2D to 3D conversions, etc.


Large stakeholders in the industry

  • The UK, followed by France, has the largest number of post-production companies
  • UK
    - > 6,000 film-production companies
     - 2,400 post-production companies

  • France
    -> 3,000 production companies
    -1,500 post-production companies

Most Preferred Hubs

Regions like London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Frankfurt are preferred, due to high quality studios, creative environment, tax incentives, etc.


  • The BREXIT proved positive for UK, as London is already the existing centre of excellence in post production.
  • The UK currently has low tax regime and the same is expected to continue or expand further.
  • Fall in the value of sterling have dropped the prices in UK by 15% last year, leading to an increase in business for UK studios.
  • Since the service offering is purely digital, scope for import/export duties is on a low.

Emerging Technology Trends

Engaging with post-production suppliers, who have increased investments in latest technology, will help industry to leverage supplier service offerings to develop media rich campaigns.

4K, 5K Resolution

  • Top production companies use 4K resolution, some are considering shifting toward 5K
  • TVs with resolution as high as 8K is expected to hit the markets soon

Impact on advertising industry:  HIGH, due to constant technology upgradation

Few suppliers using this technology:  The Mill, Framestore, Craft, Hogarth & Ogilvy

Remote Editing

  • Highly adopted, due to the ease involved in execution
  • Investments on public cloud storage platforms are on a rise
  • Post production companies are most likely to increase usage of cloud storage, cloud rendering, rental software licensing, etc.

Impact on advertising industry:  HIGH, due to consolidation of spend with top post production companies across locations

Few suppliers using this technology:  The Mill, Absolute, Evolutions, Dock 10

Motion Graphics

  • Visually appealing campaigns engages viewers better
  • 3D images are being placed into 2D space and animated to create short and effective narratives
  • Suppliers are enabling their personnel through training in the required technology

Impact on advertising industry:  HIGH, largely adopted by marketers to create interactive narratives

Few suppliers using this technology:  The Mill, Rex, Blur, Blind

Augmented Reality

  • Its an upcoming technology, which provides real-time experiences to consumers
  • Increased investments in skill and technology

Impact on advertising industry:  Adoption will increase, buyers are keen to expose consumers to real time experience

Few suppliers using this technology:  The Mill, Wonder world VR, Technology Companies

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