Global Mannequin Industry Outlook

  • The global mannequin industry was estimated at $8.5 –9.8 billion during 2017
  • North America, Western Europe and markets in Asia Pacific, such as China, have high market maturity 
  • Markets in the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America are expected to be high-growth markets


Supply Demand Trends

High-Maturity Regions 
Suppliers: Europe and China market consists of established mannequin suppliers, who have been dominating the market. High demand from the US, has resulted in a more matured supply market, as the global players are extending their geographic footprint

Medium-Maturity Regions
With established global suppliers having a good hold of the market, local suppliers are becoming better with respect to customization and quality of services

Low-Maturity Regions
Most of the established players in Europe like Global Display, Hansboodt also support clients in Middle east & Africa, whereas key suppliers in the US like CNL Mannequins, extend their service in South America as well

Global Mannequin Market Maturity

North America, Europe and APAC are the key mannequin markets, with high penetration of apparel retail (key end consumers of mannequins), and large number of global and local suppliers supporting these regions

Global Mannequin Industry Trends

  • Suppliers are increasing their geographic footprint as mature buyers move towards supplier consolidation. Many established players in Europe have started operations in other key demand markets like the US
  • Global suppliers are focusing on manufacturing Eco friendly mannequins, due to the increasing demand from apparel retailers in Europe (UK, France, Italy, Germany) and the US