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Are you looking for answers on Mannequins Australia?

Are you looking for answers on Mannequins Australia?

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Regional Market Outlook on Manniquins

  • The Australia signage industry was estimated at $260–300 million in 2018. New South Wales, Victoria have high market maturity and Queensland, South Australia have medium market maturity for the retail market in Australia
  • The mannequin industry in Australia has been experiencing steady growth since 2017. This growth is mainly being driven by high growth of apparel retail and luxury brands in Australia. Global mannequin manufacturers are expanding their presence to Australia to optimize the growing demand from the retail sector


Global Drivers and Constraints

  • The rapidly growing retail sector in Australia, especially in the beauty and grooming, FBT and CPG industry expansion strongly drives mannequin sales. The need for attractive and innovative concepts in window displays is driving the overall mannequins market in Australia


Mannequins leveraging technology advancements

  • The adoption of beacon-enabled mannequins is gradually rising in Australia. Retailers use beacon-enabled mannequins to enhance customer experience, as well as to retrieve valuable data regarding shopping behavior
  • Innovative applications supported by beacons have increased the demand for mannequins, in addition to its importance in a store environment

Increasing significance of window displays

  • With the rapidly growing e-commerce industry in Australia and the changing consumer behavior, window displays have evolved to be a significant drive to promote walk ins to stores
  • Innovative concept and design for window display are essential, and mannequins are the most important component of window display, as compared to any other sign or graphic


Hologram mannequins

  • Hologram mannequins can interact with customers and also offer coupons that can be scanned and redeemed using a smartphone
  • Hologram mannequins used in combination with physical mannequins can reduce the planned number of mannequins, near the store entrance, which can indirectly impact the demand of mannequins

Increasing adoption of e-commerce retail

  • Increasing online shopping would reduce the significance of other retail formats, posing a threat to the sales of Brick and mortar stores, which can affect the demand for mannequins

Porter's Five Forces Analysis: Australia

Supplier Power

  • The presence of global players is gradually increasing in Australia, owing to the maturity of retail market
  • With the growth of luxury apparel retail in Australia, buyers are preferring custom made, realistic mannequins which has increased the supplier power of premium manufacturers, who offer high quality mannequins of superior design

Barriers to New Entrants

  • Barriers to new entrants are low in this region. As the demand increases, the buyers will prefer to engage with established players in these regions, if they can offer customization and material innovation to reduce cost and lead time
  • New entrants require the production capabilities, quality assurance, and technology adaptability to compete with local and global in Australia

Intensity of Rivalry

  • Global players are expanding their presence in Australia, owing o the growing demand in the region. This will gradually increase the intensity of competition amongst the players
  • The intensity of rivalry is medium, since there are very few established players in the market, and most of them are local players who are more operational than tactical in nature

Threat of Substitutes

  • The threat of substitution will be very low. However, retailers in Australia are focusing on adopting sustainable processes and materials in their merchandise to improve brand image and good will of the brand

Buyer Power

  • Apparel retails have high buying power in the market, based on their volume of demand for mannequins
  • The apparel retail market is rapidly growing in Australia, consequently increasing the buying power in the market

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