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Are you looking for answers on Zinc category?

Are you looking for answers on Zinc category?

  • What are the key trends in Zinc category?
  • Am I paying the right price?
  • Am I working with the right supplier?
  • What are the major challenges and risks in Zinc  industry?
  • How is Zinc industry performing?

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Report Coverage

  • Procurement Insights
  • Global Market Overview
  • Regional Market Outlook
  • Price Drivers

Production Size

Global Production Size/ Capacity

13.2 MMT

United States

0.78 MMT


4.5 MMT


1.3 MMT

Table of Contents

  1. Zinc Market Executive Summary
  2. Category Landscape
  3. Regional Market Outlook
  1. Novel Corona Virus Impact Assessment: Zinc
  2. Category Summary: COVID-19 Impact
  1. Zinc Market Analysis 
  2. Regional Market Outlook
  3. Global Market Overview:
  1. Zinc Market Cost and Pricing Analysis 
  2. Value Chain
  3. Value Chain - Cost Structure
  1. Zinc Market Procurement Insights 
  2. COVID 19 Impact Assessment
  3. Sustainability Initiatives

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Zinc Global Market Outlook

The global pandemic has resulted in the global steel production contracting and reduced construction and infrastructure development activity, which has reduced the demand for zinc

  •  Zinc has entered a supply surplus market in 2020, with an estimated surplus of more than 71,000 MT in 2020 vs. deficit 189,000 MT in 2019
  •  The zinc market supply surplus that emerges in 2020 is expected to persist into the long term, driven by a sluggish growth in steel production, leading to a long-term price downtrend
  •  Zinc demand is expected to rebound in the short term, as many countries and regions emerge from the pandemic and reopen the economic activity
  •  In the long term, zinc demand is expected to slowdown, due to declining capacity increase in China and Europe
  •  China – Steel production growth slowdown is expected to continue, due to escalating environmental restrictions on producers and declining demand growth from the construction sector
  •  China accounts for about 33 percent of the global zinc production and about half of the global zinc demand
  •  While zinc demand grew at a CAGR of 2.2 percent from 2010 to 2019, the growth is expected to slowdown to 1.1 percent from 2020 to 2029

 Regional Market Outlook


China accounts for 33 percent of the global production of zinc mine, 45 percent of the global production of zinc metal, and 50 percent of the global consumption of zinc

  • China is the world’s largest importer of zinc ore and concentrate with Australia, accounting for 29 percent and Peru accounting for 20 percent of imports to China by volume

  • China’s zinc market saw a decline in the last two years due to various factors, including economic slowdown, declining ore grade, stringent environmental regulations, and US–China trade tensions, impacting production and demand

  • However, the zinc market has recovered in late 2019–2020 after the US–China trade deal, new capacities coming up and easing of production restrictions in China, zinc production is expected the go up

  • China Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) is expected to boost infrastructure development and demand for zinc

Key Drivers and Constraints

End-user demand

  • The global demand for steel for construction and infrastructure is a major market driver for zinc
  • The global economic scenario and automotive industry growth impact the zinc market significantly


  • Zinc prices and environmental regulations in China and reducing demand have impacted supply of zinc mine and metal, leading to mine closures and cutbacks

Environmental concerns

  • Stringent environmental regulations in China have impacted smelter output growth over the last couple of years

FX rate

  • China is a major importer of zinc concentrate from Australia and Peru (major exporters), while the US is a major exporter of zinc ore/concentrate and importer of zinc metal from Canada

Investor demand

  • As zinc is a popular trading commodity, the commodity markets play a big role

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