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Penicillin Industry Benchmarks

Savings Achieved

(in %)

The average annual savings achieved in Penicillin category is 20.10%

Payment Terms

(in days)

The industry average payment terms in Penicillin category for the current quarter is 54.3 days

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    Penicillin Market Intelligence

    global market outlook

      • The global capacity is between 50,000MT-60,000MT. Global demand is around 240000 MT and the CAGR is around 6% till 2024.
      • The European regulated suppliers cater to global big pharma companies and Chinese non-regulated players cater to non-regulated markets.
      • The Chinese supply market is fragmented with 2 or 3 players having certifications and exporting bulk quantities. Other small players cater to local demand.
      • Raw materials, such as penicillin chrysogenum and corn steep liquor, account for more than 50–60 percent of the price of penicillin
      • Sandoz GMBH, Fersinsa GB SA DE CV, Biotika AS, ACS Dobfar, Fresenius Kabi Ipsum SRL, Inner Mongolia Changsheng Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Jiangxi Dongfeng Pharmaceutical llc and Spic Ltd are the major players in the market

    Penicillin market report transcript

    Penicillin Global Market Outlook:

    • The global penicillin market is around 50,000–60,000 MT in 2022 and is almost stable in the past few years

    • The European regulated suppliers cater to global big pharma companies and Chinese non-regulated players cater to non-regulated markets

    • China is the major region of supply with an installed capacity of 100,000 MT, however, utilization rate is 30–40 percent. 90 percent of the Chinese production are exported

    Cost Structure of Penicillin

    Prices of raw materials account for major share of the production cost. The European labor costs are comparatively more than Chinese labor costs.

    Price Drivers

    • Penicillin chrysogenum accounts for 50–60 percent of the total cost of penicillin

    • This cost component includes fees for water, electricity, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning and other operations, which consume power

    • Utilities cost are usually stable, unless the production volume increases drastically

    • Labor costs might increase in the long term, considering the lockdown measures. Only 20–30 percent of the labor are allowed to work in factories

    • China labor costs range from 10 percent to 15 percent, which is comparatively lesser than labour costs in developed geographies, like Italy Austria and Slovakia

    • Other expenses include SG&A expenses, depreciation costs, etc., which contribute to 8–10 percent of the cost structure

    Porter's Analysis on Penicillin

    Supplier Power

    • Supplier power is medium, as the market is fragmented

    • Regulated players have more power, as there are only a few regulated players catering to the regulated markets

    Barriers to New Entrants

    • Non-availability of raw material locally is a most common barrier. No other major barriers are identified

    Intensity of Rivalry

    • The market is being fragmented, the intensity of rivalry is also high

    • Competition exists among certified manufacturers to supply Penicillin to the developed markets

    Threat of Substitutes

    • Tetracyclines, macrolides, quinolines, aminoglycosides, etc., are other substitutes, which are used as alternatives for penicillin. These are most commonly used antibiotics, used in penicillin allergic patients across the globe

    Buyer Power

    • Although several manufacturers are available in the market, choosing a supplier who has DMF or CEP-approved suppliers are crucial

    • Buyer power is moderate, since the number of buyers in the market is also high

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