Palm Oil Consumption by Country

  • India, Indonesia, and the EU are the largest consumers of palm oil
  • Malaysia and Indonesia are the major soybean producing areas and together export around 91 percent of the global palm oil
  • In the coming years (from 2019 onwards), Indonesia is expected to surpass US and Brazil in biodiesel production, hence, its consumption rates are expected to increase

Palm Oil Global Demand & Size by Application

  • The global palm oil demand witnessed a steady increase in the recent decade, due to increasing demand from the food industry
  • The main demand for palm oil is for food application, followed by industrial use, which is for biodiesel manufacturing
  • Globally, the estimated use of palm oil in the bio-diesel industry in 2017 increased by 9–10 percent to 9.53 MMT from 8.77 MMT the previous year