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Onions are likely to join tomatoes and cucumbers in the UK supermarket vegetable shortage.

March 07, 2023
alert level: Medium

Latest estimates project onion production in the EU to contract 13.4 percent for 2022/23 at 6.3 million tons

November 21, 2022
alert level: High

Indian Government has built up a record reserve of 250,000 tons of onions

July 26, 2022
alert level: Medium

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Onions Industry Benchmarks

Savings Achieved

(in %)

The average annual savings achieved in Onions category is 4.00%

Payment Terms

(in days)

The industry average payment terms in Onions category for the current quarter is 90.0 days

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    Onions Market Intelligence

    global market outlook

      • The global capacity of API Povidone is around 100,00 MT in 2022. The global demand is around 500,00 MT for both industrial grade and pharma grade povidone.
      • The API Povidone market is expected to grow the CAGR of ~4% till 2024
      • The major supply market is Europe with a market share of 38%, followed by North America with a market share of 34%.
      • BASF and Ashland are two major suppliers and together the two suppliers accounts for market share around 60%
      • In China the supply market is fragmented with multiple players exporting bulk quantities. However, most of them manufacture industrial-grade povidone

    Onions market frequently asked questions

    The global onion supply rose by 97 million metric tons (MMT) during 2019-2020, at a 2.1% increase. In addition, the global onion prices dropped by 20-30% within the same time frame.

    The global onion market is highly competitive, containing several established and small-scale players having a solid presence in the market.

    Raw material access is a significant barrier to the new entrants in the global onion market. Moreover, they are grappling with the high upfront costs of manufacturing units with significant production capacities. Furthermore, fluctuating margins due to increased reliance on weather conditions and no supply assurance are creating hesitancy among the new entrants to enter the competitive marketplace.

    No, processed vegetables do not face any threat of substitutes in the global onion market.

    As per the onion industry report, leading producers choose September-December as the ideal time to grow and cultivate onions.

    Established food chains, which have inked long-term agreements, have higher negotiation power compared to purchasers of processed vegetables, who hold a moderate bargaining power.

    Onions market report transcript

    Onions Global Market Outlook:


    • Global Production: 105 MMT

    • Supply Growth (2022/23): 1.0 percent rise

    • Price Projection (2022/23): 8 to 10 percent increase

    • Key Buying Months in Top Producing Regions: September–December

    Onions: Global Supply Analysis

    • Overall, the supply of onions in 2022/23 is projected to witness a marginal increase, driven by the rising demand from the foodservice sector

    • The current pace of harvest arrivals from India has been increasing which had got off to a delayed start; while tighter supply is likely for the US and Europe due to drought in key onion growing regions for the upcoming harvest

    Cost Structure Analysis : Onions

    High inflation is anticipated for the production of onions in 2022 mainly driven by the expected surge in fertilizers, energy, transportation and labour costs.

    Cost Parameters in Production and Harvest

    • Acreage for onion cultivation in India is often impacted by drought, which increases production costs and tightens crop output

    • Onion crop requires adequate water. Lack of advanced irrigation systems and dependency on rainfall in developing regions will lead to an increase in water usage and costs

    • Onion harvesting is not labor intensive and hence, the rising labor costs in China and the US is unlikely to have a significant impact on production cost

    • Crop protection and maintenance account for a major portion of production cost. The lower fertilizer prices could help keep the crop protection and treatment costs low

    • The lack of water, due to the highly erratic nature of the monsoons in India is the primary factor that exerts upward pressure on cost of cultivating onions

    • The 2022 crop is likely to face high costs, due to surging agricultural input cost inflation for energy, fertilizers, labor and transportaion

    Porter's Analysis on Onions

    Supplier Power

    • Large vegetable processors engage in contract farming and ensure steady supply

    • Premiums/discounts are set based on the yield rates

    • Farmers have an upper hand in negotiations with smaller processors

    • These small processors are prone to higher price fluctuation risk

    Barriers to New Entrants

    • High initial capital investment for processing facilities with large production capacities

    • Access to raw materials is a major challenge

    • Fluctuating margins, due to dependency on weather conditions and no supply guarantee

    • Higher cost of raw materials compared to competing larger companies

    Intensity of Rivalry

    • High competition prevails among few established players in developed markets

    • Presence of large number of small-scale players in developing countries dilutes the intensity of rivalry

    • Cost of production largely depends on raw material prices and large processors minimize price fluctuation through contract farming

    Threat of Substitutes

    • Processed vegetables do not face any threat from substitutes

    Buyer Power

    • Buyers of processed vegetables hold a moderate negotiation power

    • Large food chains, who engage in long-term contracts, hold a higher bargaining power

    • Other buyers, such as infant food, juice, and purees, engage in contract processing of vegetables

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