Natural Rubber Global Market Outlook

The global NR demand is projected to increase at a CAGR of 7.4 percent, and production is expected to be around 16.86 million MT by 2022, from the current level of 12.3 million MT in 2016 (E). Asia will continue to be the dominant supplier of NR, on the account of increase in yielding area and the average yield in top producing countries, like Thailand, Malaysia, and India

natural-rubber-market-sizeNatural Rubber Demand Market Outlook 

The automobile market is expected to drive NR demand in Thailand and Indonesia, while the Malaysian NR market is expected to grow along with the rise in latex products, such as gloves and condoms.

Natural Rubber Global Market Size

The NR market is expected to come out of the lackluster market sentiments, portrayed from 2014 to early 2016 . This positive outlook would align with strong support from limited supply concerns, demand from automobiles, tires & latex sectors, and the positive macroeconomic factors, such as rebound in the Chinese manufacturing activity05101520253035402014201520162017 (F)2018 (F)2019 (F)2020 (F)2021 (F)2022 (F)$

Natural Rubber Global Demand by Application

The major demand drivers, such as automobiles, tires & latex sectors, are expected to witness an optimistic outlook as 2017 progresses .Rise in automobile production in developed regions, such as the US and Europe, and improved demand trends for passenger cars in India, China, Korea, etc., are expected to support the global NR demand