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Aptar completes acquisition of iD SCENT Sampling Solutions

March 13, 2023
alert level: Low

Aptar Group launches its first Metal-Free Highly Recyclable Nasal Spray Pump

January 31, 2023
alert level: Low

WWP Beauty launches sustainable Lotion Pump and Airless Pump collections

September 26, 2022
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The average annual savings achieved in Lotion Pumps category is 5.40%

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The industry average payment terms in Lotion Pumps category for the current quarter is 45.0 days

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    Lotion Pumps market report transcript

    Lotion Pumps Global Market Outlook:


    Global Demand: $2.3 billion (2023E)

    Global Demand CAGR: Approx. 4–5 percent (2023–2027F)

    • Personal care lotion pumps account for about 3 percent of the overall caps and closures market, but the category drives most trends in the market, owing to high demand for product advancements from brand owners and consumers

    • The pandemic has resulted in a shift of demand patterns in pumps, with key segments such as sunscreen, cosmetics, and fragrances slowing down and increasing demand for new segments, such as men’s grooming, and organic & natural products in skincare and haircare

    • Shortage of resin has also led to supply–demand gap and increasing resin prices, both of which, continue to drive up the dispensing pump prices, which is expected to increase by about 10 percent over the next year

    Global Market Size: Lotion Pumps

    • The global lotion pumps market is expected to be driven by the emergence of new segments, such as travel cosmetics and organic products that demand more complex dispensing systems. Converters are investing in developing new solutions as off-the-shelf innovations to cater to buyers’ demand.

    • The global personal care pumps and dispensing market was valued at about $2.3 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4–5 percent during 2023–2027

    • The impact of COVID-19 resulted in a loss of demand, especially from the segments, such as skincare and fragrances. Key premium and luxury segments also witnessed a steep demand, which was moderately offset by increasing demand from the hygiene segments

    • Increasing demand for more value addition and convenience in packaging, along with growing demand from key end-use segments, such as personal hygiene and homecare, would drive the demand over the next five years

    • Growth of new segments, such as male grooming products market (CAGR 6–7 percent) and organic cosmetics (CAGR 8–10 percent), especially in the emerging regions, have opened up new demographics for the personal care industry, which requires a more specialized and convenient packaging than conventional personal care products

    Porter's 5 Forces Analysis of Dispensing Pumps - Developed Regions

    • Most regional players are large integrated players and cater to multiple segments, skewing the bargaining power in favor of the suppliers. Thus, engaging with them will not provide any significant advantage even for large personal care buyers.

    Supplier Power

    • Fairly consolidated feedstock supply base renders a higher negotiating power

    • The lotion pumps industry is highly dependent on innovations that the resin manufacturers provide. For example, instances where cyclic olefin co-polymers are used in caps, resulting in considerable leverage for the supplier

    • The base resin price is regulated by the market, balances out the power

    Barriers to New Entrants

    • Plastic packaging manufacturing does not require high initial investment, but for premium and luxury segments, significant investments are required to adopt new technologies

    • The market is also dominated by large global and regional players, further increasing the barrier

    Intensity of Rivalry

    • The market is dominated by large players, owing to requirement to invest in latest technologies

    • The rivalry amongst the players is high, with intense competition in providing customers access to innovative product development and latest technologies

    Threat of Substitutes

    • There are no alternative products that can offer seamless substitution, especially for premium and luxury segments that cannot adopt pouch- based refill systems

    Buyer Power

    • Personal care accounts for about 5–10 percent of the overall caps and closures revenue of large players, and therefore, do not have high leverage with the packaging converters

    • Large buyers might be able to leverage their volume to slightly balance the bargaining power

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