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Are you looking for answers on Lime category?

Are you looking for answers on Lime category?

  • What are the key trends in Lime category?
  • Am I paying the right price?
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  • What are the major challenges and risks in Lime industry?
  • How is Lime industry performing?

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Report Coverage

  • Market Analysis - Demand and Supply
  • Market Driver-Global Steel Production

  • Supply Trends and Insights

  • Key Global Supplier Profiles

Market Size

Market Size North America

$ 2.4 Bn

Market Size Europe

$4.6 Bn

Table of contents

  1. Lime Executive Summary
  2. Category Landscape
  3. Regional Market Outlook
  4. Supply Landscape
  1. Lime Market Analysis
  2. Global Market Maturity
  3. Market Overview
  4. Market Size and Trend
  5. Demand and Supply
  6. Market Trend and Implication
  7. Market Drivers and Constraints
  8. Regional Market Outlook
  9. Global Porter’s Five Force Analysis
  1. Lime Supply Analysis
  2. Supply Market Outlook
  3. Supplier Market Share
  4. Major Expansion Projects
  5. Supplier Profile
  6. SWOT Analysis
  1. Lime Cost and Pricing Analysis
  2. Cost Structure
  3. Pricing Model
  4. Price Driver Analysis
  1. Lime Procurement Best Practices
  2. Sourcing Models
  3. Best Practices
  4. Value Chain Mapping

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Global Market Outlook on Lime 

  • APAC would continue to dominate the market in terms of production volume as well as growth prospects until 2020
  • Market consolidation will continue to increase in North America and Europe in the coming years as producers continue to optimize operating costs as well as expand geographical footprint


Global Lime Market Maturity

  • The key trend, which is expected to influence the lime market maturity would be the suppliers' capabilities to improve operating efficiencies of their lime kilns as well as offer value added solutions and services, technical support and innovative lime products customized for specific applications like FGD, Food processing, Waste and Water treatment and Soil treatment.

Market Overview

  • Growth in steel production levels is expected to be the key driver of rising demand for quicklime (QL) in metallurgical applications to treat slag

  • Global lime market growth is expected to remain optimistic, underpinned by the rising use of lime in metallurgical applications, primarily in steel production. Also, lime is extensively used in the production of aluminium and magnesium metal.

  • APAC will continue to remain as the fastest growing market in the near future, supported by the positive outlook for the construction industry.

  • Increasing use of minerals such as lime for the removal of air pollutants at coal- fired power plants is anticipated to boost the growth of the global limestone (calcium carbonate) and lime market

  • The construction sector is the largest user of slaked lime, hydraulic lime (HL) and hydrated lime, where it is used to produce mortar, plasters, stucco, masonry and Portland cement, and in asphalt as an anti-stripping agent

Market Size and Trend

  • The global lime market was valued at $51 billion in 2019. Rising demand from the mining and metallurgical application, especially for impurity removal, is a key driving factor for the growth of the lime market across the globe.
  • Hydrated lime suppliers will benefit from expansion in the construction sector, while rising production of steel and other manufactured goods will bolster the demand for refractory lime
  • Major industries consuming lime are steelmaking, flue gas treatment, construction, building, and chemical
  • The lime market in China is projected to witness relatively steady growth in the upcoming years, which can be mainly attributed to the rising government and private sector investments in infrastructure development and growing mineral production

Market Analysis - Demand and Supply

  • Generally, the lime market is nearly-balanced in terms of demand and supply, as majority of the demand is met by the regional supply base. Also, as storage of lime for long time periods is difficult and costly, lime production is generally kept in line with the expected short-medium term demand 

  • In 2015, the global lime market witnessed slight oversupply as the demand from the metallurgy sector declined. Metallurgy accounts for the largest share of lime consumption

  • Steady growth of the construction sector and gradual recovery of the global steel industry is expected to restore the demand supply balance during next 2–3 years

  • Lime is not traded across countries on a significant scale. As lime is highly reactive in the presence of moisture, it is required to be transported in pneumatic trucks or tank wagons, so as to avoid exposure to moisture and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Hence, the transportation cost lime is usually higher as compared to other mineral commodities, thus deterring cross border trade

  • The global trade volume of lime accounts for about 4-5 percent of the total demand for the commodity

  • Demand for quicklime from the metallurgical sector is expected to increase significantly in the near term, which aids in the expansion of the global market

  • Existing mandatory environment management rules enforced by various developed nations for achieving zero hazardous material discharge in natural water resources are expected to be the prime factor supporting the growth of hydrated lime

Market Trend and Impact

Lime suppliers are increasingly focusing on providing customers with new innovative products customized for specific applications, as well as value-added services, like technical and application support, optimized transportation services, on-site material handling, inventory services, and collaboration with the customer in R&D activities. Global Lime Demand Drivers and Constraints Rapid urbanization and growth of the construction industry are the major drivers for the growth of the lime market, globally. Rising demand for iron and steel are other prominent factors that aid in the demand growth of the global lime market.


Global Steel Demand

  • Increasing demand for steel is expected to boost the demand for lime in the near future, as quicklime is used in the steel making process to neutralize the acidity of the slag. Growth in the Construction Sector
  • The construction sector will continue to dominate the market share of lime and is expected to continue the same trend in the near future.
  • APAC will continue to remain as the fastest growing market in the near future, supported by the positive outlook for the construction industry.

Supplier’s Cited Market Constraints

  • High Capital and Operating Costs
  • Lime manufacturers face high operating costs as lime production is an energy- intensive process.
  • They also face high costs associated with Environmental Compliance in North America and Europe. Environmental regulations with regards to GHG emissions require lime producers to include GHG control measures in plant upgrades and expansions, leading to increased time and costs involved

High Transportation Costs

  • This significantly limits the scope for market expansion across new geographical locations for the lime producers 

Market Driver - Global Steel Production

  • Steel prices and steel demand are the key indicators of demand for lime. The steel production market is expected to grow at a moderate 2–3 percent CAGR during 2020–2022. The sudden outbreak of the novel corona virus has disrupted the supply and demand for steel since Q1 2020. Thus, the overall production and consumption for 2020 are expected to fall

Regional Market Outlook

This section of the lime market report details the lime market share, market size, demand, and market maturity of each geographic region. The regions studied are North America, the US, APAC, China, South America, Europe, and South Africa. The countries within each region are also classified based on market maturity.

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