LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Market Intelligence

Report Coverage

  • Cost Structure Analysis
  • Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Questionnaire
  • Supplier Section
  • Contract Structures

Production Size

Global Production

25.3 MMT

North America

4.2 MMT


6.5 MMT


7.9 MMT

LDPE Table of Contents

  1. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Executive Summary
  2. Global Market Outlook
  3. SupplyMarket Outlook
  4. Demand Market Outlook
  5. Beroe’s Recommendations for an Ideal Category Strategy
  6. Category Opportunities & Risks
  7. Industry Best Practice


  1. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Market Analysis
  2. Global Market Size:LDPE
  3. Global Capacity–Demand Analysis
  4. Global Demand by Application
  5. Global Market Outlook
  6. Global Trade Dynamics
    –Global Imports
    –Global Exports
  7. Regional Market Outlook (North America, Europe and Asia, LATAM, and MEA)
    –Supply–Demand Trends and Outlook
    –Trade Dynamics
  8. Covid-19 Impact 


  1. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Industrial Analysis
  2. Industry Outlook (North America, Europe and Asia, LATAM, and MEA
    )–Drivers and Constraints for the Industry
    –Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    –Industry Events
    –Planned Capacity Additions 


  1. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Market Monitoring Insights
  2. Cost and Price Analysis (US, Europe,Asia, LATAM, and MEA)
    –Cost Structure Analysis
    –Price Analysis:LDPE (NorthAmerica, Europe, Asia, LATAM, and MEA)
  3. Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Questionnaire 


  1. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Supplier Selection & Sustainability and Innovation Initiatives
  2. Supplier Section
  3. Sustainability Initiatives
  4. Key Innovations 


  1. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Supplier Section
  2. Sustainability Initiatives
  3. Key Innovations 
  4. Contract Structures
  5. Industry Best Practices

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LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Global Market Outlook

  • The global demand is expected to grow at 2-4 percent CAGR through 2019–2024
  • Asia will remain the key demand driver with an expected growth of 3-5 percent, due to the increase in per capita consumption of plastics
  • Film applications and food/non-food packaging applications are expected to be the key segments driving the growth across the regions especially from the packaged fruits, vegetables to pet food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical segment

Demand Market Outlook

  • The global LDPE demand is expected to grow at 2–4 percent CAGR through 2019–2024
  • The Middle East and North America are supply surplus regions, while Asia, LATAM, and Europe are trade deficit regions. The trendis broadly expected to continue in the next five years 

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Industry Best Practice 

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Engagement models

  • CPG companies generally outsource their packaging requirements to converters, as they helps them to focus on their core business
  • Large-scale converters have high price negotiation power with the resin suppliers on the back of heavy annual volume
  • Consortium buying is still in the nascent stage in the LDPE market and is not a preferred model

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Contract structures

Fixed Contract

  • Length of contract: One year on an average
  • Minimum volume in contract: >1,000 MT/year

Multi-year Contract

  • Length of contract: 2–3 years. However, we have not observed multi-year contracts due to high volatility in the prices

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Global Capacity–Demand Analysis 

Capacity additions are expected in the US and China. Even with these capacity additions, China is expected to be net importer of LDPE during the forecast period.Increase in new capacities in the US could lead to increased exports into LATAM, Europe, SE Asia, and African countries.

Market Outlook

  • Capacity Dynamics: The global LDPE production capacity is expected to increase by 1-2 MMT to touch 27MMT by 2024, driven by the capacity additions in the US, Asia. Moderate growth in LDPE capacity is due to LLDPE capacities additions. Moreover, LLDPE and LDPE can be alternatively used in the same unit.
  • Demand: The global LDPE demand is estimated to grow at 2-4 percent, driven by film applications in the packaging segment

Engagement Outlook

  • The North American market is predominantly contract based, and buyers prefer to source locally, due to higher cost of imported LDPE
  • Contracts are generally renewed annually
  • In Asia, buyers engage in spot buying and source both within the region or from Europe/Asia, if arbitrage opportunities are available
  • In Europe, the buyers source both within the region and from Asia/Middle East. Both spot and contract prices are used
  • The suppliers are willing to enter into a contract, only if the minimum order volume is over 1,000 MT or sometimes over 2,000 MT

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will the global LDPE market evolve over the coming years?
  2. At present, the worldwide LDPE production stands at 25.3 metric million tons (MMT), and the global demand will grow at a 2-4% CAGR during 2019-2024.
  1. Which application areas are the key LDPE consumers?
  2. Usage of LLDPE will remain prevalent in food/non-food packaging and film production, particularly in packaged fruits and vegetables, pet foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
  1. What contract structures do the players in the global LDPE market follow?
  2. Players in the global LDPE market follow two types of contract structures - fixed contracts and multi-year contracts. The former lasts a year on average and requires at least 1,000 MT per year to get validated. On the flip side, the latter lasts 2-3 years. However, suppliers are less inclined on multi-year contracts due to high price volatilities. Further, the consortium buying model is still in its early days is gradually witnessing adoption.
  1. Which region holds the major chunk of the global LDPE market?
  2. Asia Pacific (APAC) continues to attract market players, with a production of around 8 MMT. Moreover, the LDPE market in Asia will follow a healthy growth trail of 3-5% CAGR owing to the increasing per capita plastic usage.
  1. Which regions are experiencing LDPE capacity additions?
  2. China and the US have witnessed capacity additions of 1–2 MMT until December 2020, exhibiting improved demand trends.
  1. Which engagement models are prevalent across various regions?
  2. LDPE producers in North America primarily opt for contract-based engagement models, and focus more on local sourcing due to the higher import costs of LDPE. On the other hand, the Asian buyers prefer spot buying and source LDPE locally or from Europe. Further, in Europe, the buyers engage in both contract-based and spot pricing and source LDPE internally or from the Middle East/Asia.

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