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Are you looking for answers on Inbound Document Management and Inbound Mail Solutions Australia?

Are you looking for answers on Inbound Document Management and Inbound Mail Solutions Australia?

  • What are the key trends in Inbound Document Management and Inbound Mail Solutions Australia?
  • Am I paying the right price?
  • Am I working with the right supplier?
  • What are the major challenges and risks in Inbound Document Management and Inbound Mail Solutions Australia?
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Regional Maket Outlook on Inbound Document Management and Inbound Mail Solutions

  • The mailroom management industry is estimated to be A$200 million. The need for digital mailrooms is expected to grow rapidly in the forthcoming years
  • Approximately 75 percent of all documents received by companies in Australia are paper documents (63 percent from mail and 12 percent from faxes)
  • Electronic mails still represent less than a quarter of the bulk of mails. On an average, companies today receive 3 million items per year, and the cost of processing incoming mail is estimated at $0.093–$0.228/item
  • Due to the increasing volume of mails and the need to serve their customers better, banks are outsourcing their mailroom operations and are also moving to digital mailrooms
  • According to a survey by Datamark, outsourcing to a centralised location saves up to 50 percent and to an onsite services save up to 15–20 percent of the cost
  • Banks can negotiate with the service provider by looking at their entire portfolio of services and bundling services together to reduce cost. Firms usually provide additional services, such as invoice processing, debt management, accounts payable management, etc.

Benefits Outsourcing a Digital Mailroom Service

About 40 percent of the business in Australia has agreed that adopting a digital mailroom would improve the performance of their organisation.

Cost reduction

  • By having the physical mail scanned and indexed, the client will no longer have to allocate staff to organise and manually distribute mail.

Easy transfer

  • Once the mail is digitised, it can instantly be transferred/shared electronically without further processing.

Highly traceable mails

  • The transformation of mails into digital format assures accurate tracking of the mail throughout the lifecycle.

Maximise office space

  • Traditional mailroom requires a considerable part of the office space. Adopting a digital mailroom provides the use of this space for core business activities.

Enhanced security

  • The mail is delivered to the vendors, which ensures safe keeping of mails. Post digitisation, the mails are encrypted.

Better customer service

  • Electronic management of inbound mail allows employees to access customer files instantly, and hence, address customer queries immediately.

Easy accessibility

  • All the mails in a digital mailroom are indexed as per the client's requirements. A simple electronic search can bring up the relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Pros of the Digital Mailroom/ERM 

Reduced Cost

  • Quicker mail sorting time means employees dedicated to this task can spend time on more value-added activities. Save time and money by decreasing the need for paper copies and printing as well as removing the need for internal postal services.

Increased Efficiency

  • Achieve a faster organisational decision-making process, thanks to digital workflows that allow mail to be distributed more quickly, as well as mail to be read and processed via mobile devices.

Greater Control

  • Achieve greater control, thanks to auto-validation rules for your incoming mail - in any format or from any channel. Allow only relevant mail to be sent to the right end-users and make customers and stakeholders happier thanks to live process status visibility and less lost mail.

Improved Compliance

  • Your office internal information governance policies find stronger compliance. All incoming mail gets automatically stored digitally and securely while its traceability is also under control - from the point of entry down to every step of the distribution process.

Streamlined Operations

  • Business rules are easy to add into the workflow to have key documents directed automatically throughout the organisation, escalating for approval and authorisation, as and when required.

Return on Investment

  • Mailroom is designed to provide proven cost savings and increase business efficiencies to achieve a return on investment very quickly.



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