In-vitro Toxicology

Evaluation of toxicity of a drug in 96 well plates prior to in vivo studies.

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In-vitro Toxicology Industry Benchmarks

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The average annual savings achieved in In-vitro Toxicology category is 5.40%

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The industry average payment terms in In-vitro Toxicology category for the current quarter is 73.4 days

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    In-vitro Toxicology market report transcript

    In-vitro Toxicology Testing Market

    • Emergence of new approaches of 3D cell culture can boost the in-vitro toxicity testing market. 3D cell culture represents the next generation of in-vitro toxicology testing market

    • Increase in adoption of outsourcing, due to an increase in research expenditure. Rising technological advancements and growing opposition to the animal testing have paved way for the growing demand for the in-vitro toxicology market

    • The focus is on emergence of novel technology mostly with CROs to support with the global in-vitro toxicology requirements

    • Given the high emphasis on quality, sponsors heavily depend on dominant supply locations, like North America and Europe, for skilled FTE and testing infrastructure

    Growth Drivers and Constraints : In-vitro Toxicology


    • Increasing R&D to detect toxicity at early stages. Investigative toxicology group that de-risks findings observed in non-clinical studies

    • Rapid up gradation of databases that serve information for toxicity profiling and lethal dose determination of different compounds

    • Multiple regulatory endpoint verifications

    • Enhanced efficiency of IVTT in cancer diagnosis

    • Data-Driven Toxicology Testing: There has been an increase in alternate methods to animal testing, due to data-driven technologies and informatics

    • For example, there has been 3–5 percent increase in the adoption of in-silico models, organ on chip studies, and other testing methods, like organoids, 3D cell cultures, bio printing, etc.

    • Impact: Increased precision, quick turnaround, novel endpoints


    • Predictive ability of the tests, stringent regulatory framework, and the inability of in-vitro models to detect certain anomalies are the major challenges faced by the market

    • Failure of organ on chip devices and other technologies that are strengthening reliance on animal models

    • Despite the growing popularity of outsourcing, in-house ADME-Toxicology testing still accounts for four-fifth of the industry’s total expenditure

    • There are also some in-vivo tests, for which, no in-vitro alternatives have yet been developed that exhibit acceptable predictability, such as for complex toxicological endpoints

    Cost Drivers and Cost Structure : In-vitro Toxicology

    • Cost varies according to lab location, technician type (senior scientist/mid-level/junior scientist), type of sample, test requirement according to protocol, equipment (HPLC: gas/liquid), and lab facilities (in-built alarm system, 100 percent back-up electricity generator, humidity stability chamber, etc.)

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