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A comprehensive Epoxy Resins Market Report that answers these questions

A comprehensive Epoxy Resins Market Report that answers these questions

  • What are the key trends in Epoxy Resins category?
  • Am I paying the right price?
  • Am I working with the right supplier?
  • What are the major challenges and risks in Epoxy Resins industry?
  • How is Epoxy Resins industry performing?

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Report Coverage

  • Global Trade Dynamics
  • Cost Structure Analysis
  • Capacity Share by Suppliers
  • Key Global Supplier Profiles

Production Size


5 Percent

Production Size North America


Table of contents

  1. Epoxy Resins Executive Summary
  2. Market Overview
  3. Supply Market Overlook
  4. Demand Market Overlook
  5. Industry Best Practices
  1. Epoxy Resins Market Analysis
  2. Value Chain Analysis
  3. Global Market Outlook
  4. - Current Market Size
  5. - Demand - Supply Trends and Forecast
  6. - Key End - use Industries
  7. - Trade Dynamics
  8. Regional Market Outlook (NA, Europe, and APAC)
  9. - Current Market Size
  10. - Demand - Supply Trends and Forecast
  11. - Key End - use Industries
  12. - Trade Dynamics
  1. Epoxy Resins Industry Analysis
  2. Industry Outlook (NA, Europe, and APAC)
  3. - Industry Drivers and Constraints
  4. - Mergers and Acquisitions
  5. - Innovations
  6. - Porter's Five Forces Analysis
  1. Cost and Price Analysis (NA, Europe, and APAC)
  2. - Cost Structure Analysis
  3. - Cost Drivers
  4. - Price Forecast
  1. Epoxy Resins Supplier Analysis
  2. Key Global and Regional Suppliers
  3. Key Supplier's Capability Analysis
  4. - Capacity
  5. - Available Capacity
  6. - Product Portfolio
  7. - Expansions, if any
  8. Geographical Footprint
  9. Supplier Market Share: Global
  10. Detailed Supplier Profiling of the Top Five Global Suppliers
  11. - SWOT Analysis for the Top Five Global Suppliers
  1. Epoxy Resins Industry Best Practices
  2. Types of Engagement and Sourcing Models
  3. Contracts Adopted in the Industry

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Epoxy Resins Market Analysis and Global

The global epoxy resin market has a surplus capacity with more than 75 percent concentrated in Asia. The overall demand is expected to grow at 5.0 percent CAGR to reach 3.45 MMT by 2021.Hexion had planned capacity expansion at Tianjin plant in China during 2015. This plant is under construction and is yet to come online.The major epoxy resin market share: NA: 9.3 percent, EU: 11.6 percent, and APAC: 77.3 percent. The epoxy resin price outlook (Q3 2019 vs. Q2 2019): US: 3.8 percent decrease, EU: 4.1 percent decrease.

According to resin market analysis key demand drivers include electronics manufacturing growth in Asia, construction and auto industry growth in developing
economies, followed by increasing demand for electronics and composites.

Top suppliers in the epoxy resins market are: Kukdo, Nan Ya, Sanmu Group, Hexion, Chang Chun.


Demand Market Outlook

  • Increasing demand for adhesives, paints and coatings in the developing regions, like China, India, LATAM, etc., due to rising construction sector and increasing auto sales, is expected to drive the demand for epoxy resins
  • Demand from the US and Europe is expected to grow from the waterborne composite applications in aerospace, marine coatings, and windmills in the coming future

Industry Best Practices

  • Large-volume buyers in NA and Europe prefer contract buying. Asian buyers, however, prefer spot to contracts.
  • CPG players opt for spot buying, as they procure less volume. Buyers in NA and Europe prefer low-cost Asian imports

Global Market Size: Epoxy Resin

  • The epoxy resin market value increased by 4–5 percent during 2016–2017, owing to increase in the price of BPA during the same period
  • Asian countries are expected to witness high demand growth rates until 2022, driven by electronics, construction, and automobiles sectors
  • In NA and Europe, demand growth is expected from windmill installations

Global Capacity–Demand Analysis

  • Operating rates are expected to increase if no further capacity additions are announced in the near future. This will result in the market to shift the negotiation power from buyer to supplier.

Market Outlook 

  • The global epoxy resin capacity stood at about 3.53 MMT during 2017, and no capacity additions are announced for the future
  • Operating rates are expected to increase from 70 to 75 percent in 2016 to 95 percent in 2022, if no further capacity additions are announced
  • Currently, there is excess capacity in all the three regions
  • Asia exports epoxy resins to Europe and NA, as and when there is a price arbitrage between the regions
  • The global demand for epoxy resin is expected to witness a growth of about 5 percent until 2022, driven by Asia
  • Asia represents almost 65 percent of the global consumption of epoxy resin, with China being the major consumer

Engagement Outlook

  • Buyers in Asia should engage on spot pricing mechanism for a maximum period of 1 – 2 years, owing to excess supply in the market
  • If no further capacity additions are announced, buyers are advised to enter into contracts, as the market might turn to tight

Epoxy Resin Market Overview

The global economic headwinds could further take a toll and impact the market outlook for the remainder of the year, as a recovery in demand would be difficult. It will be challenging for epoxy resins prices to hold firm in the long term, but this will depend on the level of feedstock and demand volatility.

Epoxy resin price trends show that the epoxy resin price drivers BPA and ECH Prices have increased while the supply and downstream demand has decreased. The epoxy resin market was oversupplied that caused the suppliers to reduce their operating rates in the US and Europe. 

Epoxy resin has applications majorly in electronics and construction sectors. Major exporters, the US and EU countries, export high-quality epoxy resin to the rest of the world.

Why You Should Buy This Report

Information about epoxy resins market size, export-import and trade dynamics. Porter’s five force analysis of NA, Europe and Asia and lists out the important industry drivers and constraints. Epoxy resin price trend analysis and cost structure analysis.
Details of key suppliers and SWOT analysis of key players like Kukdo Chemical (Kunshan) Co.,Nan Ya Plastics, etc. Best industry practices and contract models.

With this purchase you will be subscribed for a 12-month PRO membership to the upcoming all new Beroe LiVE (launching in Q3, 2020)


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