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Deep Freezers Industry Benchmarks

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The average annual savings achieved in Deep Freezers category is 25.00%

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The industry average payment terms in Deep Freezers category for the current quarter is 30.0 days

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    Deep Freezers market report transcript

    Deep Freezers Global Market Outlook:

    Market Growth:

    Global ULT Freezers Market: $ 411 Million (2022E)

    Global Growth CAGR of ULT Freezers Market: 4.76 percent (2021–2025F)

    • The global demand for deep freezer is expected to grow at approx. 4.76 percent CAGR through 2022–2025

    • The market is primarily driven by the demand from pharmaceutical companies, logistic players, CROs, hospitals, etc.

    • Most of the global suppliers have manufacturing facilities in the US and China. The global players have extended their footprints and have assembly units in other market to serve the growing demand

    Deep Freezers Market Overview

    Factors Impacting the Market

    • Increasing demand for Personalized medicines

    • High requirement of sample storage

    • Increase in requirement for stem cell therapies and plasma fractionation procedure

    • Sustainable alternative

    • Equipment cost and maintenance

    • Clinical Trials

    Selection of Deep Freezer

    Purchasing decisions have been made by a combination of end users and procurement. The criteria for purchase have been the users’ comfort with the brand, freezer features and procurements’ ability to extract the largest possible discount. Other than the business perspective below are the key features to be looked at before the choice of ULT


    • Chest freezers are more stable in temperature, due to the physics of cold air sinking and warm air rising.

    • Deep freezers will work at their most efficient when kept in a stable cool ambient environment. Energy usage increases as ambient temperature increases; therefore an ambient temperature of 15 - 23°C is recommended 


    • Temperature stability throughout the freezer, good uniformity and quick temperature recovery times are essential

    • Consider the materials being stored, as some materials will need quick freezing and stable temperature.

    • An efficient racking system can maximize storage space whilst maintaining correct air flow

    Energy Efficiency:

    • Deep freezers are run continuously at very low temperatures; therefore they will always be high energy consumers

    • Technological advances such as improved compressor, insulation and cabinet design have resulted in better performance, significant gains in energy efficiency are often made by compromising thermal stability. 

    Cost Structure : Deep Freezers

    • Raw materials and infrastructure are the major contributors to the cost structure of deep freezer, followed by utilities. Thus, procuring near-shore avoids issue related to logistics, saves time and cost.

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