Database Management System (DBMS)

Database Management Systems are software to manage, retrieve organize data in a database

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Database Management System (DBMS) Industry Benchmarks

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The average annual savings achieved in Database Management System (DBMS) category is 0.50%

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The industry average payment terms in Database Management System (DBMS) category for the current quarter is 60.0 days

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    Database Management System (DBMS) market report transcript

    Database Management System (DBMS) Global Market Outlook

    • The market size for DBMS attained a value of $77.5 Billion in 2022, and it is expected to reach about $130.6 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 9.1 percent, due to the rising demand for cloud-based database management systems

    • Regions such as North America, Western Europe and parts of APAC such as Australia, China and India have high market maturity

    • The key drivers for DBMS is growing data from ecommerce, social media and high –tech industries


    Database Management System Demand Market Outlook

    • North America is one of the major markets for DBMS, the maturity of suppliers and adoption rate is high

    • APAC and LATAM are emerging markets with a shift in focus on Cloud DBMS. The increase in unstructured data from e-commerce, social media have given way to new types of database like NoSQL and in memory database

    Global Database Management System Industry Trends

    • Increase in data is driving enterprises to upgrade their on-premise DBMS solution to SaaS. The cost saving opportunities are high in SaaS-based solution

    • Data from e-commerce, social media and CRM are resulting in unstructured data. The traditional relational DBMS are not capable of handling the unstructured data. Hence, the enterprise are opting new forms of database such has NoSQL, In memory database over traditional RDBMS, which have high capabilities in handling unstructured data

    Global Database Management System Drivers and Constraints


    Big Data

    • Large repositories of corporate and external data, including unstructured information created by new applications such as medical, entertainment, energy and geophysical, social media and other web repositories are the primary contributors for increase in data.

    Increased Graph Database Adoption:

    • Cloud native and no SQL database are becoming popular, as they do not require rigid design and standard relational databases.

    Advent of Use in Cloud Computing:

    • Companies are looking to adopt cloud services for storage rather than investing huge money in own database system.

    Fully-managed Cloud Databases:

    • SQL Cloud databases with AI powered features, like proactive monitoring, automatic detection of issues has been the drivers for the database management solutions.


    Cost of Data Conversion:

    • Data conversion would be required during migration from a legacy to a new product. Industry estimates show that data conversion cost is more than the cost of DBMS hardware and machine combined. Data migration experts are required to convert data to new system.

    Securing Private and Public Data:

    • Consumers need to trust that the data they provide to enterprises remain in a secure place, and organizations’ executives need to trust that the data they are receiving accurately represents what is going on across their enterprises. Enterprise success is closely tied to data security, and the onus is on DBAs to ensure that this security is intact.

    High Cost:

    • The cost of hardware and software, along with staff training and technical staff are high, and this expected to challenge DBMS’s market growth.

    Why You Should Buy This Report

    • The report provides information on the database market size, maturity, industry trends, drivers and constraints, etc.
    • It gives the regional market outlook on the Americas, MEA, Europe and LATAM regions and the Porter’s five force analysis of the database management system market. 
    • It offers insight into supply trends, supplier profiles and SWOT analysis of key players like IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. in the data management market. 
    • It further details the cost structure and saving opportunities, best sourcing models, KPIs, etc.

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