Uniform Services Market Intelligence

Table of Contents

  1. Uniform Services Global Market Summary
  2. Uniform Services Market & Supply Outlook
  3. Uniform Services Supply Market Outlook
  4. Uniform Services Demand Market Outlook
  5. Uniform Services Ideal Sourcing Strategy
  6. Uniform Services Category Opportunity & Risks
  7. Uniform Services Negotiation Leverage
  8. Uniform Services Talking Points:Catering Service
  9. COVID-19 Summary - Uniform Services


  1. Uniform Services Market Analysis
  2. Uniform Services Regional Market Outlook
  3. Uniform Services Drivers and Constraints
  4. Uniform Services Industry Trends
  5. Procurement Centric Five Forces Analysis on Uniform Services Industry


  1. Uniform Services Market Monitoring Insights
  2. Uniform Services Cost Model
  3. Uniform Services Price Model
  4. Uniform Services Cost Analysis


  1. Uniform Services Key Supply Market Analysis
  2. Uniform Services - China
  3. Uniform Services - Bangladesh
  4. Uniform Services - India
  5. Uniform Services - Vietnam


  1. Uniform Services Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Uniform Services Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  3. Uniform Services TCO Analysis of Engagement Model


  1. Uniform Services Supplier Analysis
  2. Uniform Services Global Service Providers
  3. Uniform Services Regional Service Providers
  4. Uniform Services Key Service Providers


  1. Uniform Services Procurement Best Practices
  2. Uniform Services Industry Best Practices
  3. Uniform Services Sourcing Model Analysis
  4. Uniform Services Engagement Model Analysis
  5. Specialized Uniform Service Provider vs. IFM Vendors
  6. Uniform Services RFI & RFP Criteria Assessment


  1. Uniform Services RFP/RFI Builder
  2. Uniform Services General Information
  3. Uniform Services Assurance & Regulatory
  4. Uniform Services Quality
  5. Uniform Services - Service Delivery
  6. Uniform Services Innovation
  7. Uniform Services Cost
  8. Uniform Services - COVID-19 Specific Questions

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Uniform Services Global Market Outlook

  • The global uniform service industry was valued at $35.09 billion in 2021, the market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 4–6 percent by 2025

  • Economic unrest, due to COVID-19 pandemic, has reduced the overall growth rate of uniform service across the globe

Impact of COVID-19 on Uniform Services Industry

  • Uniform services are having a moderate to high impact. In one side many offices are in lockdown affecting those services, and at the same time demand for providing support to workers and other essential service personnel are driving the uniform service category

  • Aramark: Uniform segment revenue decreased by approximately 2.7 percent during fiscal 2020 compared to the prior year period. The decrease was primarily attributable to COVID-19, partially offset by new business from the sale of PPE

  • VF Corporation: The revenue increased by 2 percent Y-o-Y to $10.5 billion, primarily due to the $462.4 million contribution from organic growth, including a 2 percent unfavorable impact from foreign currency

Global Uniform Services Market: Drivers and Constraints

Uniform services experienced improving trends, particularly in the rental business as well as increased client demand for adjacency services, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Industry Drivers

Demand for Material Innovation :

  • Increase in demand for continuous research and developments in the innovation of advanced fabric and materials

  • Demand for fashionable and user friendly uniform products

  • Use of technology (IoT, physical distance platforms) enabled uniforms

Growing supply of workforce :

  • Safety of employees is the major market demand from organizations and increase in the workforce can impact the uniform service industry positively

Growing demand from business sector :

  • Organizations are adopting advanced uniform products for their employees


Substitutes :

  • Alternatives (use of robots) and operational strategies (remote working) are affecting the uniform service market

Competitive Landscape :

  • Lot of key global players and other local service providers are competing in the market which forms a competitive landscape for this category

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