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  • Key Market Insights
  • Benefits of A Cashless Vending Machine
  • Digital transformation– Financial Impact Considérations
  • Advantages of Cashless Payment

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Regional Market Outlook on Industrial Dining Services 

Western Europe represents one of the most mature markets for catering services globally. The market is expected to keep growing at a steady rate even through the economic turmoil of BREXIT.

  • Western Europe has some of the most mature catering and dining markets in the EU
  • France and Germany are among the most mature market for food service operations globally
  • Smaller markets such as Ireland, Portugal and Spain have higher outsourcing levels due to low scale and presence of large suppliers
  • The Western European market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.5% only due to the uncertainties in the market, owing to regulatory changes post BREXIT

Vending Services Market Overview 

Key business drivers for the vending industry are location, variable costs, consumer needs and habits, economic and social environment, and efficient execution

  • The supplier market for vending technology solutions is highly fragmented
  • About 3,700,000 food and drink vending machines are located in Europe
  • Western European and Nordic countries are the hotbed for new vending technology adoption
  • New vending technologies include cashless payment and a wide variety of customized vending machines
  • The vending industry comprises of more than 10,000 companies in Europe and are mostly SME's
  • It is a highly competitive industry, with a low entrance barrier, thus fostering entrepreneurship and developing tailor-made services
  • Approximately 82 million food and drink items are purchased by European consumers from a vending machine everyday
  • The six biggest markets in Europe are Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, which in total make up around 77% of the total European market.

Catering Trends

Mobile and Cashless payment options are encouraging employees to be free and to focus on what they want to eat rather than worrying about cash in hand or carrying bulky wallets.

Food Vending Machines

  • There is a higher demand for automated food services
  • Companies are investing thousands of dollars for gourmet vending machines
  • Vending machines can be customized to deliver multiple food offerings such as cupcakes, a hot pizza, wrapped burritos with choice of toppings, smoothies etc. to delight end customers such as corporate employees at a workplace
  • Healthy, fresh food vending machines, offering hot and cold options, are on the rise in offices, university cafeterias and busy waiting rooms

Employee Benefit – Outside Fine Dining

  • Some companies provide their employees with benefits at restaurants which can enhance lifestyles and provide luxuries with significant savings
  • Benefits range from member complimentary dining services, champagne welcomes, kitchen tours, access to member-only clubs and exclusive gourmet insights etc.
  • Employers can usually add a simple link page that can allow employees to set-up and personalize their own user accounts and can even extend benefits to close family members at prices under £100 per employee

Online Ordering, Mobile Payments

  • Online ordering decreases the waiting time and allows immediate pick up of food on arrival at the pantry/cafeteria/canteen
  • Multiple mobile payment options such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc. make it more convenient for employees to pay using their ever present smartphones rather than having to carry cash and wallets around

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