Electric Utility Transmission and Distribution Construction Labor Indiana Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Transmission, Distribution, and Storage Employment by Sub-Technology (2018)
  • Market Wage Rates for Electric Utility T&D Labor ($/Hour)
  • Market Demand for Electric Utility T&D Labor (Nos.)

Table of contents

  1. Indiana Electric Utility T&D Labor Market Overview
  1. Market Rates For Key Electric Utility T&D Labor
  1. Indiana Electric Transmission And Distribution Utility Labor Demand Outlook

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Indiana Electric Transmission and Distribution Utility Labor Market Overview

  • Indiana has a low concentration of energy sector employment, with 57,760 traditional energy workers statewide, of which 13,180 work for the fuel sector, 27,358 work in the transmission, wholesale distribution, and storage sector, and 17,222 workers for the electric power generation sector
  • About 1.8 percent of the traditional energy jobs across the US are located in Indiana. The traditional energy sector in Indiana is 2 percent of the total state employment (compared to 2.4 percent of national employment)
  • There is expected to be a decline in the utility transmission & distribution workforce, specifically electricians, equipment operators, and foreman through 2022, while the number of line-installer is expected to remain stable
  • The utility construction market in the US is expected to grow and transform, with increasing demand for new construction and restoration of existing infrastructure. Given the shortage of skilled labor in the market, it will be advisable to build competitive advantage through collaboration and control a scarce resource: competent and capable labor, supervisory and project management staff, which can productively, safely, and in compliance build utility capital assets

Market Wage Rates for Key Electric Utility T&D Labor

Key Takeaway: Across Indiana, there is a continued demand for T&D professionals, due to the strong pipeline of planned construction work. Shortage of skilled utility electrical professionals continues to be major challenge within the US T&D construction industry and is expected to continue over the next 10–12 months, with a moderate increase in wage rates. 


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