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Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) -- is it good or bad for procurement? [Beroe Talks]

By: Iyyappan C
FM/CRE Analyst

26 Sep 2016

Integrating Facilities Management services can lead to various benefits, which includes and not limited to, cost savings, greater efficiency, and simplicity of supply base. However, procurement managers will face certain issues, which need to be taken into consideration, as no benefit comes without a price. Watch Andrew Porter -- Managing Director of Spingate FM Consulting,  and Iyyappan C -- FM/CRE Analyst at Beroe -- discuss on the possible procurement concerns with regard to the “Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)” model. If you are an organization looking to integrate or an organization who is already in an IFM contract but facing issues, knowing the pain points discussed in the video would help you make an informed decision.

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