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Conversation with Nick Wildgoose Nuances of Supply Chain Insurance

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by Sakthi Prasad, Director - Content
2 June 2022
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Beroe’s Head of Content, Sakthi Prasad, speaks with Nick Wildgoose, a Supply Chain Insurance expert who spent decades in the insurance industry. Nick explains the nuances of Supply Chain Insurance and what role Procurement can play when pressed into action by the business to scout for insurance products.

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Discussion Pointers:

  • Supply chain insurance explained in simple terms -- well, it’s not so simple
  • Types of Supply Chain insurance products that are available in the market
  • It’s of utmost importance to keep supplier data and locations up to date
  • The importance of understanding the concept of “limits “in insurance contracts.
  • How best can Procurement liaise with internal stakeholders in scouting for insurance products?
  • Inclusion of the pandemic clause in supply chain insurance products
  • Risk data provided by insurance companies and brokers can act as a signal for Procurement to engineer risk management program
  • What are some of the popular supply chain insurance products that sell like hot cake in the market?
  • Typical reasons as to why companies don’t buy supply chain insurance
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