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Conversation with Katharina Stenholm ex-CPO Danone and SAB Miller

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by Sakthi Prasad, Director - Content
18 November 2021
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In this episode, Beroe’s Head of Content, Sakthi Prasad, speaks to Katharina Stenholm -- former CPO of food company Danone and SAB Miller -- about the politics surrounding sustainable initiatives, and whether Procurement can indeed make a difference in achieving green objectives.


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Discussion Pointers:

  • The recent spike in the prices of natural gas, electricity and carbon credits in Europe have led to a renewed debate on renewables vs fossil fuels.
  • The need to reach across the aisle.
  • Carbon credits and its role in solving climate crisis.
  • How and in what manner can Procurement help play an active role in sustainability?
  • The role Procurement can play in “circular economy”.
  • The power of Procurement in bringing about sustainability initiatives
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