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Conversation with Jody Franich Inside View of Aerospace Supply Chain

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by Sakthi Prasad, Director - Content
14 December 2021
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In this episode, Beroe’s Head of Content, Sakthi Prasad, speaks with Jody Franich, a veteran supply chain executive who spent several decades at Boeing. Jody was responsible for sourcing all of the common commodities -- for eg., aluminum, titanium, etc. He was also responsible for deploying category strategy for the spend that was about $60 billion. He now teaches at University of Washington, Foster School of Business.


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Discussion Pointers:

  • Mass flight cancelations are inevitable when two variables go wrong.
  • Jody lists out some of the “memorable” challenges that he had encountered at Boeing.
  • Unique challenges in Airplane procurement operations: lesser number of suppliers, stringent quality control, government regulation, cost per unit etc.
  • The nuances of contract clauses.
  • Regionalization vs Globalization: will regionalization displace globalization?
  • How to account for geopolitical risks in strategy planning?
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