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Key factors to look for while procuring Office Supplies

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by Chetan Roy Gupta
29 September 2013

Office supplies, as category containing thousands of products, scrutinizing of products is important. This article discusses about the important area buyers should be watchful while procuring these products. Introduction Office supplies, as a spend category is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way buyers view this category. The impetus is given on improving the procurement efficiency and to gain better visibility on spend for these products.

The increased offerings by the suppliers to include other products like office furniture, break-room, clean-room, IT supplies and also the ever increasing drive to go green' by using eco-friendly products has forced the buyers to be more watchful while procuring office products. Moreover availability of a number of manufacturers offering different prices for similar products has added to its complexity. Taking into consideration all these factors it is important to do a product analysis before going in a contract with a supplier under office supplies.   Author: Chetan Roy Gupta

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