WAHA Delivery Model- A way to reduce opex and capex while enhancing the service delivery


By: Ravikiran Reddy.M -- Category advisor

28 June, 2013

WAHA Delivery Model- A way to reduce opex and capex while enhancing the service delivery

Contact center market is buyers? market. Buyers? demand for better service at an optimal cost has always been a challenge for supply market. Supply market has to align its initiatives to meet the demands for onshore delivery, increased resource flexibility and agent quality. Supply market has been innovative in ways to reduce the cost and improve the service levels while being agile. One of the ways to reduce capex and opex is to adopt staffing models that are different from the traditional models. Work at Home Agents is flexible staffing model that has a tremendous impact on the cost structure of the suppliers. This whitepaper highlights WAHA delivery model in the context of global customer management services market and the impact of this trend on pricing of contact center services. Introduction For contact centers, the home-based model has continued to develop as an established trend. A majority of the outsourcing is already deploying this WAHA Model. the benefits of home based agent model are compelling .The idea behind deploying at home agent model is to reduce costs, improve agent satisfaction and to improve customer loyalty .Cost savings are considerable in the WAHA model with Capex and Opex costs 30-70% lesser than the traditional brick and mortar model . Further details on WAHA are explained below WAHA delivery Models: Work at home agents, is a delivery model employed by customer management services (CMS) suppliers whereby services are delivered by agents located at home, rather than in a contact center (in-center). At present in the market there are two delivery models in WAHA. One is Hub and spoke model and the other is Virtual Delivery Model. Hub and Spoke Model: WAHA delivery involves deployment of agents in a home capacity, with agents managed from a Vendor contact center Virtual Delivery Model: A model where by agents is recruited and trained online and 100% of the delivery from agents home. Virtual delivery model is the primary delivery model for pure play contact centers.


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