Risks involved in internationalization of construction firms


By: Swathi Ilango --

30 September, 2014

Risks involved in internationalization of construction firms

Internalization has become a trend among construction contractors. These upcoming opportunities are linked to certain constraints in the construction world. This paper identifies all the constraints faced by a construction contractor who extends beyond borders. Among the constraints ?workforce training and insurance issues? are addressed in detail. The modes followed by current international firms to overcome these constraints are quoted as examples. This paper helps every procurement team to analyze the strength of each contractor in different geographies. Why do firms expand globally? Opportunities rule every industry. Most of the construction companies are looking for the opportunities in overseas markets. International markets provide attractive options especially when the demand in saturated home market is slow and other developing markets have outstanding growth opportunity in infrastructure and building. As the engineering and construction firms have started marking their footprints around the globe with new project sites and foreign acquisitions, the firms? employees, management practices and trends are also moving along. Their global reach has broadened expertise; developed technology has supported better knowledge sharing and delivery across the firm.


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