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Evolution in market research procurement: Unbundling data & analytics


By: Veerappan M
Market Research category expert

calender17 Feb 2015

Evolution in market research procurement: Unbundling data & analytics

CPG & Pharma companies are increasingly faced with the challenge to get real time insights on their consumers. But is primary market research the only option? Not really, if you consider the advent of big data companies who also provide cost advantage. Thanks to the relative insulation from market research inflation.
Watch Beroe’s marketing research expert Veerappan M when he talks about how pharma and CPG procurement can harness benefits once big data and analytics are unbundled.

About the speakers:

Veerappan M

Veerappan is a Market Research category expert at Beroe Inc. and holds an M.B.A., degree from Cardiff University, UK.
In his two years at Beroe, Veerappan has built extensive knowledge and expertise applied towards end use markets such as Consumer products, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services and Telecom. He has written several thought leadership papers touching upon impact of emerging research techniques & media on innovation in market research and inflation rates applied on market research studies.

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