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Emergence of Generative Ai in Legal Services

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by Beroe Inc.
25 May 2024

At Beroe, our category roundups serve as a platform for sharing our insights and recommendations with our subscribers. Generative AI has been an upcoming trend in the field of law, and legal professionals are discussing its implications on their work. With Generative AI tools undergoing improvement in an increasing frequency, law firms and corporate in-house legal teams are analyzing the pros and cons of the adoption.

In this webinar, we discussed about benefits of Gen AI in Law, details on how Generative AI is capable of assisting in varied legal tasks such as Legal Research, Document Drafting, Contract Reviews, Due Diligence, as Virtual Legal Assistant, Predictive Analytics, etc., Challenges and Controversies faced with respect to Generative AI adoption, Diverse opinions of lawyers about Gen AI in law and Implications of the trend for Law Firms and Corporate Clients.

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