Olympics and Packaging Innovation [Beroe Talks]


By: Sakthi Prasad --

23 June, 2016

Olympics and Packaging Innovation [Beroe Talks]

Dr. Randy Phares, president/CEO of Dr. Box consulting, also known as Dr. Box in the industry, and Beroe’s Bharathram N, Senior Research Analyst - Packaging, discuss the Rio Olympics and Packaging Innovation.

Topics covered:

1. With the Rio Olympics fast approaching, what are the trends in packaging and sustainability with regards to games?

2. From a sustainability standpoint, the London Olympics was considered a "zero waste" Olympics. What does that mean and how did it affect the Packaging sector? 

3. What packaging innovations were required to meet these goals?

4. As purchasers, manufacturers and distributors of packaging, what can we learn from this and where should we focus our efforts toward sustainability in packaging?



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