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An Overview of Offshoring HEOR

Source: Clinicalleader.com

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) complements clinical development, helping decision makers and healthcare payers determine patient access to specific drugs, services, and reimbursement policies.1 The increasingly complex legislative environment and demand for HEOR data by global reimbursement agencies, is leading to rapid growth of the HEOR industry. For example, within European countries such as the Netherlands and U.K., etc., the success rate of new drugs is largely dependent on the reimbursement decision of government agencies. The role of HEOR services became an integral part of clinical R&D, impacting clinical trial design, trial simulation modelling, and the management of economic endpoints in trials.

These studies are used during the initial phase of trials in order to assess the burden of disease as well as in comparator trials in order to demonstrate effectiveness of the new drug.

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